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    Updated Revstars

    Just sold my 720B played it for several more years than I usually play anything w/out getting bored, so it's a huge winner. At 9 lbs it was just too hefty though so the plan was to get a new one when I heard they are chambered but then I saw they screwed with the neck. The 1.69 was perfect...
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    Reverb Tax Question

    I assume the total is taxed since most items are listed as free shipping instead of a huge markup, but just wondering if shipping charges are taxed too on Reverb? For instance if someone buys a $100 guitar +$100 for shipping and insurance, are they taxed on $200 or $100? I looked at their...
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    Who Owns or Has Played LTD 1000 series?

    Fedex showed up out of the blue on a Sunday w/ this bad first flea bay transaction in years. It shipped the day of the blizzard & arrived super cold, but IN TUNE. Not only that, but the prior owner set the Evertune up to where bends still work. I knew it was possible, but wasn't...
  4. LTD Evertune

    LTD Evertune

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    Bass Intonation Adustment

    I had some good parts & pups laying around so I picked up a cheapo short scale bass to upgrade ,but just can't seem to get it intonated. It's supposed to be a 30 inch scale, but every string is WAY sharp w/ saddles around 30 inches. I'm going to have to pull them back closer to 31 to get it...
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    Who Owns or Has Played LTD 1000 series?

    Seems like a crap shoot from year to year and model to model....kinda infuriating. I ended up rolling the dice & ordering an Eclipse ET1000 just now. Even though it doesn't look like a shredder (to me), one of the reviewers said his had a smaller neck than his other LTDs.
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    Who Owns or Has Played LTD 1000 series?

    Thanks. I think I'm just gonna call the store, try to find out if the one I want is under 9 lbs & if so let them know I want to try it but am most likely going be using their trial/return period. Hope to hear from my mechanic before calling though & make sure the wife's transmission isn't too...
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    Who Owns or Has Played LTD 1000 series?

    Maybe they are heavier now? The Evertune unit is nearly 2 lbs, but once all the wood is routed out, they say it only effectively adds about 6-8 ounces, but it appears LTDs have a WIDE swing in weight. An Eclipse ET1000 at Sweetwater can be under 8 to over 10 lbs. I haven't seen a Viper under...
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    Who Owns or Has Played LTD 1000 series?

    Well the online store and the ESP website are beyond useless, so I was just wondering if anyone here has ever put down your 59 Lester long enough to try one of the LTD 1000 series (single cut or SG style)? I really want an Evertune but they seem to only cram them into shredder guitars & the LTDs...
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    Schecter PT Special- any opinions?

    I have one like this. It's not the guitar I reach for the most, but not a thing wrong with it. I've had a few Schecters and was never disappointed.
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    PRS prices

    Is calling these stores the "secret"? I am interested in a non-PRS at one of these "not big box stores" we are all familiar with. So I email them about their discount code not working. One of the salesmen said he was sending me "an invoice" with their best price but never did. Then I follow up...
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    Yamaha Revstar Neck

    I have the 720B. Been my main player for almost two years now, which is an eternity for me. The neck reminds me of the PRS SE wide fat. Bigger than Fender or shredder fare, but I wouldn't call it chunky either. If only it was about 1.5 to 2 lbs lighter it would be the perfect guitar for me.
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    Bigsby Experts/Modders- Help Please!

    Hi Guys- About a year or so ago I picked up a Yamaha Revstar 720B and absolutely love it, but have created tuning problems for myself somehow. Stock, it stayed in tune great, but the Bigsby would go out quite a bit from gentle use. Most of the time I rarely used the bar anyway and should have...
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    Bass recording EQ Question

    Looking for suggestions on recording bass specifically for phone/crappy laptop speaker playback. I did a long distance lock-down collab with an old friend on a song for my mom. He recorded the acoustic and his vocals. I recorded bass and lead guitar. All the tracks are separate in my daw...
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    Higher gauge strings to cure tele-clone string/fret buzz?

    Maybe you have some high frets
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