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    VENDOR: Lucky Dog Guitars

    I hope I have adequately followed the rules by putting "vendor" as a prefix. I rarely post here, but we have been building SO many cool guitars at Lucky Dog. We are still building them from scratch in our small tennessee shop. Even our hardware is custom machined. Here are a few of our latest...
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    What a Lucky Dog (NGD)

    If you think you messaged us but didnt get a reply.... email me again and explain. Maybe we can get you inserted up the list a ways to compensate for any mistake that may have occurred.
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    What a Lucky Dog (NGD)

    We don't sell stainless parts at all. My friend Ben at Vandyke makes those you have pictured above in Stainless and he may even sell you stainless plates to match, I'm not 100% sure on that though. Our knobs are of different design and have 10 knurl points per each level. I think Ben's have...
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    Upgrading compressor

    Check out the brand new Lucky Dog Soul Winner Compressor with blendable low gain overdrive. Studio grade quiet compressor voiced for guitar and overdrive circuit loosely based on the vintage Nobels ODR1 popular with the Nashville crowd.
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    TGPer and Lucky Dog Guitars builder Anthony Sims has a new compressor/OD pedal prototype!

    appreciate the share. Im waiting on custom knobs to arrive and we will start shipping
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    Lucky Dog Guitars. 1st post here in a long time.

    Our wait is a couple years due to the sheer number of people on the reservation list. But unlike many builders, we don’t take any money upfront. Once we physically start your build we get half down and typically finish it in 4-6 weeks after that
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    NGD: Lucky Dog Televangelist

    Man. Just saw this post. Thanks for the nice comments
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    Lucky Dog Guitars. 1st post here in a long time.

    I 1st posted here a few years ago as a small hobby builder. We have now put out around 90 guitars. We build all of our necks and bodies from scratch (most to the spec of customers on our reservation list so a wide range of options are available). We have also designed our own bridge, knobs...
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    Humbucker-sized single coil pickup recommendations

    Ive got one at Lucky Dog. Demo here. (Neck pickup demo after the 5min 30sec mark)
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    Trying to decide on a strat builder... svl, xotic, kline...?

    Built from absolute scratch here in Tennessee. 72476571_2504680559612845_8548649163032625152_n by Lucky-Dog Custom-Guitars, on Flickr 75204416_2524525970961637_6879057540986961920_n by Lucky-Dog Custom-Guitars, on Flickr 72748172_2524525930961641_1861559935574212608_n by Lucky-Dog...
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    With Dano gone, who's number one?

    Ah ya!... Howie! Tell him hi for me. His build was a little different looking than some of mine but he picked out most every aspect of it. Im a big fan of Cindy myself.
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    With Dano gone, who's number one?

    I haven't been on here in a REALLY long time. But I appreciate the couple Lucky Dog mentions. We make all of our bodies/necks from scratch, we are making many of our own bridges, knobs, pickguards and pickups as well. So far it is working for us. I have now added 2 guys, 1 from Gibson...
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    Custom Tele builders better than Fender Master build ?

    Give a look IMG_7288 by Lucky Dog Guitars posted Jul 9, 2017 at 10:49 AM
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    New Batch of Lucky Dog guitars recently built

    Yep. Very early on nearly every build was identical and I had one CNC program for a body. But it morphed into a very custom build type of company where nearly every build became unique with varying specs, routes, hand carving etc. it actually became easier and faster to make them by hand than...
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