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    Fleetwood mac Dreams

    But there seems to be an effect on it as well, at least I hear one.....
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    The Official MATCHLESS Thread

    Briefly owned a Lightening Reverb 1X12 a dozen or so years ago. Started Jonesin' for that Matchless tone again, so I just purchased an HC30 off the forum last week. It sounds glorious!
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    Sold 1966 Marshall 4x12 angle cab cover $150

    I have a '66 angled cab, someone buy this.......
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    MEMORY LANE: Where were you when you first heard EVH's Eruption ? (and what did you think)

    1978, I was 14 and stoned at a free concert put on by a Rock Station from Tampa I believe. They were giving away albums and a guy close to me won the new Van Halen album. He immediately opened it and handed it to the DJ on stage and told him to "play cut two" I was blown away, I barely...
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    MPX-1, Intellifex, SPX-90, DL8000R or ??

    I use my MPX-1 mainly dedicated for reverbs, for delays I have a Chandler SDE. I'm a fairly bare bones type player.
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    Fender ToneMaster Serial #'s

    I also have a couple Divided By13 2X12 cabs but they are the standard ones with the G12H Anniversary and ALNico Blue not the vertical. Also planning to use a Boss TAE or UA Ox, but first nothing. The amp hasn’t been used in several years so I’m going to work on it when the tubes get here.
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    Fender ToneMaster Serial #'s

    I wasn’t aware that Mike used them, so thanks for the heads up. These are criminally underrated amplifiers, I assume it might be the spiky or bright Channel 2 that people have issues with? ….that and they are loud as HELL!!! There was a thread somewhere here on TGP that mentioned a “treble...
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