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Recent content by Luke V

  1. Luke V

    I dont like orange amps

    I Love them!:rockin
  2. Luke V

    PA/Powered Speaker Advice

    I haven't tried just the top cabs without the sub. The large diaphragm tweeter and low crossover point makes for very intelligible vocals and smooth midrange on instruments. I think in a small space you could get by with just the tops, but adding even just the kick in the sub will really round...
  3. Luke V

    GIGGING GUITARISTS- Are you still using an amp?

    A mic'd up Orange OR15 with PPC112 for me right now.
  4. Luke V

    PA/Powered Speaker Advice

    I think I got my HD 32s for around $700 each and the 705 sub for about the same. The sub only weighs 50lbs. which a one of the deciding factors in buying it. I also did a lot of research and read lots of reviews. There is always the option to add a second sub at a later date. If I was younger...
  5. Luke V

    Home studio

    You may want to move this to the the Recoding/Live Sound forum, you'd probably get more responses.
  6. Luke V

    PA/Powered Speaker Advice

    I have a pair of RCF HD32a Mk4 and a single RCF 705 AS II sub, and since switching to those I get get tons of people saying how good the band sounds. I am very happy with them. They can get real loud and they run cool and are clean.
  7. Luke V

    Any guitars you can't play as well as you'd like due to small hands?

    Mostly an EJ. Before I got the 339 my no. 1 was an ‘83 ‘62 AVRI, but I don’t play that anymore, the neck is very slim. My ’65 AVRI and Voodoo Strat have decent sized necks, as well as my ‘73 Strat. They are all slimmer than the 339.
  8. Luke V

    Garageband iPad interface/software upgrade?

    Download the free version of Amplitube, it is very versatile. I am impressed.
  9. Luke V

    Dumb Newbie Questions

    Not dumb questions at all, they are very good questions, and answers.
  10. Luke V

    I don't really like any guitar tones from before the 70s

    Tons of great guitar tone at Woodstock, Hendrix, Santana, Pete Townsend, Alvin Lee, and more.
  11. Luke V

    How would you go about getting this Beatles/Big Star bass sound?

    Definitely flatwound, pick, palm mute and compression.
  12. Luke V

    Free de-clipping plugins? Anyone know of any?

    You will have to rerecord. A clipped signal cannot be unclipped.
  13. Luke V

    Do you put subs/tops on stage or on the ground?

    Yes, on the ground, another reason besides the sound is space. I need room to move.
  14. Luke V

    Is this Jim Marshalls signature?

    No it is not. I have his signature on the COE for my 30th anniversary LE half stack.
  15. Luke V

    Any Behringer X18 users here?

    If you connect with a computer on a LAN connection, you should be able to import your settings, then just reconnect with your iPad.