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Recent content by Luke

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    My dream modeling device

    You can do all of the above with an Axe II and an expression pedal.
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    Widest vocal range...Axl Rose...really?

    It's not Ozzy?
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    AxeFX II XL rig - am I forgetting anything?

    The next evolution is Ultra IRs, using a guitar cabinet defeats that purpose. Go FRFR monitors so you can have access to many cabinet types instead of only one.
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP.

    When I suggested his own sub-forum I was nearly stoned to death. WTF?
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP.

    I know, not enough. That's why I started this one: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/1448014
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    Counterfeit Rip Off

    China and the Chinese do not worry about intellectual property rights yet, because they simply copy stuff today. Eventually their middle class kids that come to America for a college education will return home to invent something from scratch. When these counterfeiters dig into their sales...
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    Legit builders vs Parts-assemblers...how do we know?

    Buy a setneck, problem solved.
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    Anyone using wireless headphones for their modeler?

    Lots of pros use wireless in-ears. It's all about your budget.
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    Upgrades for an Epiphone Les Paul?

    It will always be worth less on resale than what you paid, even if you double up on your investment with "upgrades". You could easily create a $300 guitar that you have $800 sunk into.
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    Mission Engineering pedal question.

    I use the SP-1 for wah. I don't like the auto-engage feature on the Axe so I use the traditional switch method like a Crybaby. I use an SP-2 as my second pedal, spring loaded, to control other things. The SP-2 allows me to use it to control two functions, albeit not at the same time (only...
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP.

    Yeah organic this and that, washed down by Coke and Red Bull.
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    Passing the hat

    The guitarist in Warrant had essentially the same thing painted on the back of his guitar and use to turn it upside down for the audience to see.
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    So much KPA/AxeFX selling and buying, why?

    Many Axe II owners are selling to pay for their XLs, just as they did from the Ultra to the II. If I needed the features of the XL, I'd be one of them.
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    Full Time (Cover) Guys - talk to me about $$$

    Which is one layoff away from disappearing. With IT if you are out of the game any amount of time people assume your skills are diminished. It's nearly impossible to get back in after a year absence, my fiance has been trying for four, after having been director of IT at a Fortune 500...
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    TMS Guest Guitar Players... is it me?

    EVH will never go on there, as Sammy and Mike have been. Just like Gene and Paul will never go because of Ace and Peter.