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    Post ONE photo from your last gig - Part 2

    No mate just the light, Cherry 75.
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    Greco Explorer?

    This is my 77 Greco EX 800- great guitar, has a thin neck (which I don't mind), the pickups are not really to my taste (been meaning to swap some out to hear the difference). Build quality is exceptional.
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    Post ONE photo from your last gig - Part 2

    Supported Clutch last night- sold out show- had a blast.
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    My friend bought a Klon...for 2 grand......

    Has he had a chance to compare them?
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    My friend bought a Klon...for 2 grand......

    I've seen friends blow a few grand at the casino, so I figure your friend coulda done worse things with his money.
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    Suggest me some modern prog rock

    Porcupine Tree Bigelf Crippled Black Phoenix
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    86,739,311 views on youtube- must be good?

    you think the 86 million odd were in on the joke? cool we are in a better place than I thought. Oh hang on a minute Miley's new clip has had 190 million views.....damn.
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    86,739,311 views on youtube- must be good?

    :huh :bonk jofNR_WkoCE
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    How's your stage volume?

    Absolutely & totally dependant on the type of music & venue you play. No one on a stage with my band could talk & be heard but it doesn't need to be "fixed". We play heavy rock & I need to be able to feel the power of the band to pull off what we do.
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    Gibson Custom Non-Reverse Firebird...is there a p90 set I can buy?

    I recently got a new non reverse firebird studio which has 3 coil tapped P-90s. Very good sounding pickups, plenty of balls, I'm assuming they are standard Gibson P-90's but they have a 70% wind option with the coil tap. Another interesting option could be Lace Alumitone P-90s. Last week...
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    Hello, new to the forum(Echopark Guitar in da house)

    Dig those Ghetto Birds- why are they not making them anymore?
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    WTH is up with Red Witch QC???

    I had a footswitch problem with my Moon Phaser- sent it back to NZ from Oz & Ben fixed it- shame that the parts problem is sorta out of their hands- great pedal but reliability is paramount when gigging.
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    Suggest me a rock machine, close to Gretsch

    I just got this Yamaha SA503TVL- it's got Lace Alumitone pickups- noiseless P-90's, only had it a few days but digging it so far, definitely getting some cool lead tones out of it. :aok
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