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    JHS Pedals Vlog - Reissue Shootout (Are Vintage Pedals Better?)

    He’ll hear all about it at his trial.
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    JHS Pedals Vlog - Reissue Shootout (Are Vintage Pedals Better?)

    The only pedal in the episode I have extensive experience with over the years is the Small Stone, so the comparison was very interesting to me. I have had quite a few of the great vintage versions, and more modern ones, but not the new Nano version that I have also heard people say is finally as...
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    Fulltone Queen Bee

    I don’t know, the first thing I thought of after watching the demo was the ‘Bee’ setting on the DAM Tonebender replicas. I don’t know if it is any reference at all, but it does sound quite bender-ish to me. Buzzaround would be my first guess after the demo.
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    New Neo Micro Vent Rotary Simulator

    Well I’ve had the 122 for a couple of months now and I have to say I totally love it! I don’t notice any harsh digital clipping myself, and I hit it with stacked overdrive and fuzz as a matter of course. It’s my first rotary pedal, so I can’t compare it to any other, but it has a very natural...
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    Vox Valvenergy pedals

    Better than Andy’s?! Tough job.
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    Vox Valvenergy pedals

    I just caught Andy’s demos and I’m honestly not that impressed. There are surely some good tones in there, but there were some just ok and even mediocre ones on display too. Perhaps we’ve just become so used to analog sounds that this nu tube technology sounds kinda indistict and mushy at...
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    Another Fuzz Face Refin

    Nice! She’ll Pink is definitely awesome. So is that sexy purple beast! Thanks for the tips too. I think the only skill on there I’m qualified for... qualified to rush and mess up that is... is painting the thing.
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    in 20 years, i wonder what effect we'll be accused of overusing?

    Pedals that allow us to recreate the vintage tones of the classic rock band .... Idles. :oops: Mostly Death By Audio fuzz clones then....
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    Advice on fuzzes I'm considering buying

    Sure, what I mean is that the germanium and silicon faces are similar in many ways, being closely related, but distinct within that. Kinda like two brothers. Not twins, but obviously sharing the same dna. For different, and 70’s rock, you could look into a Big Muff type, or a SuperFuzz perhaps...
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    Advice on fuzzes I'm considering buying

    Your right, they’re all good! Without much information to go on, ie what music you like to play or your rig, it’s difficult to recommend one over the other except to say that if you want a good silicon fuzz face these are great options. Not exactly ‘different ‘ from your 69 though.
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    Vendor The BearFoot FX / DonnerboX Thread of Destiny

    I’ happy to take on a new tour! Great fun like it used to be.
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    Vendor The BearFoot FX / DonnerboX Thread of Destiny

    That’s a shame mate, but the end would be great too. Perhaps if we posted a separate euro tour box sign up thread, with ‘Europe’ in the title like we used to do, it may generate some more interest over here?
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    Vendor The BearFoot FX / DonnerboX Thread of Destiny

    Hi Don, I haven’t seen any mention of it since you asked for interested participants, but is there going to be a European tour? Cheers.
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    Play flute; looking for sustain pedal for arpeggios.

    That’s an interesting question. In of itself, the Game Changer is the only piano type sustain pedal on the market for guitar. It’s certainly unique for what it does and it’s form factor. It’s pretty left field and niche, so I wouldn’t expect many other brands trying the concept out. I’m not...
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    New SolidGoldFX Oblivion Quad Flanger

    Any new reports to add? I’m very interested in getting this pedal. Actually, even after all these years, my first proper flanger. I was looking hard at the Thorpy, but the demos don’t do what the Oblivion does for me? You gotta trust your ears! But is the Oblivion as quality as it sounds? It...

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