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  1. MadFrank

    What is the one greatest John Lennon song?

    Don’t Let Me Down. Solo - Mind Games And /or Jealous Guy.
  2. MadFrank

    Lady Gaga!! the Anthem.

    I thought it was a beautiful, heartfelt and genuinely powerful performance. I’d be an even bigger fan if she made music I could like!
  3. MadFrank

    Name this fuzz ?!

    Interesting tone. Are you sure it’s a fuzz? I’m hearing, on the rhythm parts, a ratty, blown out Tweed Champ on max with hot pickups kinda tone. That little speaker and single ended valve crapping out in a musical way, similar to what Neil Young would do with bigger tweeds. Of course, that’s...
  4. MadFrank

    What's Your Guilty Pleasure Pop Song?

    I’ve got loads, but let’s say right this moment... Girls Just Want to Have Fun -Cindy Lauper. Perfection!
  5. MadFrank

    How do you adjust your pedal choice/settings for different pickups (single coil/humbuckers)

    I have discovered a pretty simple trick to solve what your describing. I play strats, Tele’s, les Paul’s and 335’s, so I found the be-all trick in adjusting each to my rig for perfect tone. An EQ pedal! I don’t mean that facetiously, I mean it honestly. With humbuckers, I set the eq pedal with...
  6. MadFrank

    Boutique PAF war (pt.1) Throbak vs Rewind

    Well, I don’t want to pile on on Throwbacks, but I’m another underwhelmed user. I had a set of the standard PAF’s ( SLE 101’s I think) and found them to be really hot and full of ghost notes on the bridge. I just couldn’t dial them into anywhere useable. Very disappointing as they really were...
  7. MadFrank

    2019 Tear the Roof Off: the Untold Story of Parliament Funkadelic Shockumentary.

    I’ll try and track this down as I’ve always been a big fan of parliament, yet I know comparatively little about them. I’ll try and keep my love of the music and the reality of the musicians actions separate!
  8. MadFrank

    Amp Lust for 2021

    Tone King Falcon Grande. To sit side by side with my much beloved Imperial. After many years and a lot of money, I finally know what I like. Classic Americana is where it is for me.
  9. MadFrank

    Need help selecting some Telecaster Pickups

    After reading your post I would recommend the very good mid-priced but -definitely pro pickups you can get from Seymore, Fender etc. I don’t think you nessisarily need to go any higher end than that to find the best vintage tones, instead you tend to hone into specifics at the high end. Don’t...
  10. MadFrank

    Late 80's early 90's Indie bands

    I saw Jon Spencer Blues Explosion with R L Burnside in support. Man, that was a real cool fun show!
  11. MadFrank

    Late 80's early 90's Indie bands

    The Sundays the Blue Aeroplanes Spiritulised The House Of Love Teenage Fanclub The Boo Radleys Cornershop Catherine Wheel Curve Cud The Inspiral Carpets Primal Scream Dodgy The Senseless Things The Wonder Stuff Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine Steriolab Gallon Drunk Galaxy 500 Babes In Toyland...
  12. MadFrank

    A way to set knobs with your foot

    I've been using the Wingmans for a number of years now and have had great results with them. I just use them to adjust the reverb depth on my old Hardwire reverb and now the Flint. Very useful for the bedroom player. I'm not sure about playing live, but I guess you would get good at turning it...
  13. MadFrank

    Educate Me on Indie, Punk, and Brit Pop

    Perhaps the OP should amend the title of the thread to ‘ Plese tell me all about all musical styles made between 1955 and 2000.... and let’s not let this descend into a bitchfest about Morrisey or Oasis”. ...only one of those two things is even remotely possible....
  14. MadFrank

    Educate Me on Indie, Punk, and Brit Pop

    Well, I always saw it as it being ok to be British. It's a complicated subject really, because it was largely manufactured by a music press and companies and run with by the wider media and the bands and popular culture themselves. I always cringed at the term myself. It coincided with a...
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