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  1. majorminor

    Annual cost of Guitar Addiction

    I've been at it for 40 years now. I'd be shocked if it wasn't easily 6 figures. I'd do it exactly the same way again.
  2. majorminor

    Trying to update the firmware on Fender Tonemaster deluxe reverb. My iMac does not allow the download to be unzipped.

    My first thought when I read the title was "wrong forum dude!". Then I thought....well....maybe not?! :D
  3. majorminor

    The Pro Junior saves me once again!

    Mine is a cowboy tolex limited edition one that Sam Ash did. Has a 10” Cannabis Rex in it. Liked it so much I snagged a second one used. I occasionally run them stereo. They punch way above their weight.
  4. majorminor

    59ri bassman as my only amp

    It’s certainly on the short list of “if I could only have one” amps. Not crazy.
  5. majorminor

    Best alternatives for Two Rock Traditional Clean and/or Bloomfield

    IMO a healthy Super Reverb will give you big 3D cleans every bit as good as a Traditional Clean at about 1/4 to a 1/3 the price.
  6. majorminor

    paul schafer has lost his mind..

    Damn I regret never seeing Albert live
  7. majorminor

    BF fender gurus - do you see any red flags here?

    Buy that thing or get out if the way!! :p
  8. majorminor

    Saw Blue Oyster Cult last Night,amazing.

    Probably my most listened to band over the years. In about 1980 I picked Agents Of Fortune as my last pick on one of those 10 cassettes for .99 cents join the club deals because I thought the cover looked cool. Been a fan since. One of my first concerts was BOC in Anchorage Alaska in 1982. Saw...
  9. majorminor

    Why are hardtail strats so rare?

    Custom shop and expensive but Fender did do a recent run of “Troposphere” strats that were hard tails.
  10. majorminor

    GA-SC64 but with higher wattage rating?

    I removed a GA12 SC64 from one of those hand wired Fender Custom Deluxe Reverbs and put in a 75 watt WGS 12 C/S and later switched back to the Allesandro and couldn't really tell the difference going either direction between the two.
  11. majorminor

    Who makes a boutique super reverb

    I had a clean '67 Super reverb and Headstrong King Reverb at the same time for awhile. The '67 had original CTS Alnicos 1 of which had been re coned. The Headstrong just sounded better so I wound up keeping it. I too think the vintage Supers are way under valued these days. I think they have the...
  12. majorminor

    Johnny Winter appreciation thread

    In the mid 80's I was in to heavy metal pretty deep. I was bouncing part time at the Keystone Palo Alto and someone called in sick and they asked me to come down. Me: "Who's playing tonight?" Them: "Johnny Winter". Me: "Who?" I get there about the time Johnny hits the stage and proceeded to get...
  13. majorminor

    $3,600 Windfall

    3.6K? I'd use it to put 10% down on a Gibson Murphy Lab R9. One of the newer ones where the finish sticks on there for a bit. Those cost more.
  14. majorminor

    Henriksen amps.

    I picked up the slightly larger Bud 10 awhile back and it’s my keeper acoustic amp. Love it. Never played the more common The Bud with the 8” speaker so don’t know if I’m missing out. The 10” is small enough size and weight wise for me.
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