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Recent content by malabarmusic

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    New Mesa Boogie amp: Fillmore 50

    My first impression was more along the lines of a blackface Bassman, which is a similar yet distinct flavor. We’ll know more soon.
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    Vertex Steel String Clean Drive

    As the proud recipient of a lovingly crafted "Cease & Desist Order" from the "builder's" attorney, I actually possess FACTS (sans quotes). My lovingly deconstructed wah pedal that exposed the original fraud is a fact of a different sort. As is the lack of any compensation for the product that...
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    Vertex Dynamic Distortion

    I thought it was one of the NOS parts that he had to make himself?
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    Dunlop Echoplex EP-103 VS Catalinbread Belle Epoch

    I bought and sold the Belle Epoch twice - simply couldn't bond with it. Same with El Capistan, although I only gave that a single try. The Echoplex OTOH was love at first stomp. I agree with Kyle that it sounds and feels much more like a real tape echo.
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    Vertex Dynamic Distortion

    I believe the person's character is revealed most clearly by the years' worth of posts preceding the "coming clean." It also takes a certain type of character to hire a lawyer for the purpose of attacking people who uncovered the truth. It's not about benefit of the doubt because there remains...
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    Solid Cables - Still in business?

    Without getting into cable "mojo" I'll just say that the Dynamic Arc Ultra is by far the best built cable I've ever encountered. I'm a fan and had been using a pair of them, but recently misplaced one during a move. The website hasn't been updated in a while and most of the listed dealers don't...
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    Sold Furman AR-15 II - Voltage Regulator and Power Conditioner

    Studio use only, very good condition, priced to move: Link to manual with full features and specs $OLD PP'd and shipped
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    Sold PRICES LOWERED: A bakers' dozen sweet pedals priced for quick sale

    Thanks to everyone who helped make this a successful clearance sale - 14 pedals sold in 48 hours! Some of you who bought pedals have already received shipping confirmation. The rest of you should receive it via e-mail by the end of today. If for any reason you do not get an e-mail then please...
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    Sold JuiceBox JBX-003 Power Supply - Power 12 effects at multiple voltages

    No longer made, these are compact heavy duty boxes that produce plenty of clean power at multiple voltages. Details and specs available on the website: JuiceBox Power Supply I have two units available, both in great shape with velcro on the bottom. I will include an IEC power cord and a...
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    Sold PRICES LOWERED: A bakers' dozen sweet pedals priced for quick sale

    An imminent move requires some downsizing, so the pedals below need a new home: From left to right: Dunlop Rotovibe JH-4S: $OLD - 2nd version, LOTS of road wear but works perfectly, recent pro tuneup [Top Row] Strymon Deco: $OLD - Practically mint, includes box but not adapter Menatone El...
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    Vertex Dynamic Distortion - Anything Else Like It?

    Thank you for your concern, @qwerty! I wasn't the first to suspect the fraud and I certainly wasn't the only one to make the case, but it was my "Axis" wah that was sacrificed to the cause of revealing the truth. AFAIK I was the only lucky recipient of the famed cease and desist letter from...
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    Himmelstrutz...what happened?

    I believe the "avid supporter" was another member who chimed in with positive comments on pretty much every thread that mentioned the brand in any way. He hasn't posted on TGP in over 7 months, so I've no idea if he's still a "fan" or not.