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    Gibson Guitars: Legend or Hype

    I mostly play Strats but have owned Gibsons, as well as a Brian Monty LP-style, several Collings, a James Tyler Mongoose with humbuckers. The brandnew Brian Monty had pits throughout the finish, something I had NEVER seen in any other high-end guitar. The Collings 335-style had a scratchy volume...
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    Not happy with my Fender DRRI 65...

    Seems simple. You got a good price, you say. Sell it and buy something warmer. Why play an amp you don't like?
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    Which Redplate amp do I HAVE to try?

    I have a new Blackverb. Seems like a great amp, though still figuring it out. Have a TruVerb 100 head for sale on Reverb.
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    Gibson circling the drain financially

    How could they be in financial straits with the prices they charge for instruments? And their loyal fan base? Seems like their profits should be through the roof.
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    The heritage guitars

    OK, thanks. I compared the H-150 side by side with two Gibson LPs in a music store. And the H-150 smoked them both, clean or distorted. Feel of the 150 was way better, too. Really impressed with Seymour Duncan 59s in the H-150. Nice slightly scooped mids, making the Duncans chime when played...
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    The heritage guitars

    The H-150s seem to be really heavy -- 9.5 to 10 pounds -- and this over a period of years for most of them. Not a fluke batch. I recall in the 1970s the really heavy LPs and people thought that helped sustain, but I believe that was proven to be a myth. So are the H-150s heavy on purpose? Better...
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    Masterbuilt Strats- Do people still have interest?

    I agree with this. Besides A/Binging the two used MBs with Team Built guitars in the store, I did side by side feel and sound checks between the MB I bought and my two Team Builts. There are differences that have me pretty excited about the MB, and playing it at its first gig this Saturday. I'll...
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    Opinions: When you buy a guitar that's been hanging for a while.

    I asked at Chicago Music Exchange to have new strings put on a guitar I was considering buying to give it a fair A/B chance against other guitars I was trying. They did it with a smile.
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    Masterbuilt Strats- Do people still have interest?

    Ultimately, are John Cruz and Greg Fessler really better at building Strats than Chris Kroenlein, Ron Kirn, or Scott Lentz? I've owned and gigged with James Tylers, Suhr, K-Line, Fender, Fender Custom Shop. As I stated in my post above, I recently bought a Fessler Masterbuilt used at Chicago...
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    Masterbuilt Strats- Do people still have interest?

    I think the main thing here is that you want a guitar that makes you want to play it. That can happen in a lot of different $$$ ranges. And more dollars don't necessarily mean a better guitar. But the Fender Custom Shop Master Builders are at the top of the food chain (that's partly why they get...
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    Masterbuilt Strats- Do people still have interest?

    I was in Chicago Music Exchange. Played a bunch of Custom Shop strats and boutique guitars by other builders. I kept coming back to a used 1969 Strat built Gregg Fessler. I was there 3 hours. That was the best guitar. I gave them an offer, way lower than their used price. They took it. What a...
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    Reverb WARNING

    Yeah, just a troll selling a pedal, wanting views, so I did not take the bait and watch the video as he wanted. But as far as Reverb, it's a good site to sell gear at. Unlike TGP, Reverb is easy to post pictures and things sell quickly as long as you are realistic about price, or better...
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    Is it over for Grace Potter?

    Songs were not strong. Her stage presence involved short skirts and awkward hippy dancing. And she is now 34 with a baby on the way. She will continue to tour, release albums on small labels, and vanish except for die-hard fans.
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    Goats Head Soup

    Some good songs, but I think their worst album of the 1970s (not counting Love You Live).
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    NAD: Germino Master Lead 55

    nothing wrong with that clip sound