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    AC/DC Has Made One (1) Great Album

    High Voltage is my favorite
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    Pedals you were initially thrilled with, then quickly got sick of?

    Bogner Red and OCD share the quickest “love—>hate” time gap for me.
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    Concert FOH mixing and sound ... what are they thinking?

    YES! I have seen them 3 times in 3 different venues and every time it has been fantastic. You could hear every word, every ghost note on the snare, every small inflection and accent on the ride, and the bass and guitar were crystal clear. They did it right.
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    Do musicians still get groupies?

    I’ve been playing in church since I was 14. ….this is a very real thing
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    Am I crazy or is the Logic Pro Marshall Plexi sim crazy good?

    I love the Logic VOX amps. They don't sound anything like a VOX but whatever they do sound like, I like.
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    I wrote a song but I think I've ripped someone else off

    Sounds great. Good 90s vibe. I would slow it down a touch or two but that’s just me.
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    So, how are the 2015 Gibsons holding up after 7 years?

    I acquired one in a trade last year. I tried to love it. I wanted to love it. I sold it.
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    Copy and Pasting parts

    I hate doing it but there’s been a few times where I have nailed a chorus vocally and wasn’t able to reproduce it. I copied and pasted
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    *YOU* rocking a Tele

    I’m a Les Paul guy but the more I play this guitar the more I love it.
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    What Are Your Favorite Helix Amp Models?

    Placator dirty for humbuckers. Mesa Lonestar Ch1 with Minotaur for Tele/Strat. Archetype clean is ridiculously great as well.
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    Poly Capo :(

    I’m a Helix user and I use the Digitech Drop over the Poly Capo 100% of the time. I would bring 2 guitars: 1 main, 1 backup. Keep it in standard tuning and manually drop to D. Use the Drop for all Eb/C# stuff. I get that you’re new to the situation and you don’t wanna talk about tunings but E to...
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    Anyone here use in ear monitors at band rehearsals, and no other amps or speakers?

    Acoustic drums, everyone else is in IEM for rehearsal/practice and gigs. It’s just Busch easier
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    Opinions RE: Celestion's IRs

    I have a ton of IRs from Celestion that I got from a sale a while back. I like other brands WAY more! Out of the Celestions that I got, I do like their Greenback 25 4x12 and Vox.
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    What kind of case is everyone keeping/transporting their Helix in?

    The old oversized random “tactical” backpack I’m using isn’t cutting it anymore for me. It’s only a matter of time before something happens. What are you guys using? Live in case? Helix backpack? Let me know!
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