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  1. Matt Novak

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Almost finished this up....
  2. Matt Novak

    One of the worst relic jobs I've seen (Knopfler signature Strat)

    Thank goodness they've rested it on a pad to avoid damaging the finish.
  3. Matt Novak

    Anyone build offset guitars with set necks and 25" or 25.5" scale lengths?

    I'm only a hobbyist, but here's something I'm building which seems to fit the bill (25.5 scale, set neck, etc) And a rough mockup:
  4. Matt Novak

    What percentage of used guitars for sale are dogs?

    Most, if not all canine attributes can be remedied with a set up and different electronics. I gigged a Squier (including TV appearances) for years, had a set of SD 1/4lb-ers in it and a decent set up, it was great. Prior to that, it would have been viewed as a dog.
  5. Matt Novak

    Show your custom-built guitars Thread!

    Some great guitars on display here. I've scratch built these during lockdown (every cloud etc). Clearly I'm not a great photographer, but they've been a lot of fun and more are planned: (mines the one on the left, obviously) Currently working on this one (pickguard is just paper on...
  6. Matt Novak

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Again, not a luthier, just a hobbyist - real neck is currently gluing up and the 'pickguard' is only a piece of paper - but I like the way this looks so far:
  7. Matt Novak

    remember gibson 2015

    I have a baked maple fretboard on my number 1, don't notice it at all and I've played about 1000 gigs with it (does it show?)
  8. Matt Novak

    Post a singlecut that’s not a Gibson Les Paul

    Have almost finished this build:
  9. Matt Novak

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    I'm no luthier, but here's a couple I'm currently building: Smaller NRFB / tele mashup: And a Zemaitis / FB ''thing'':
  10. Matt Novak

    Share your Junior guitars

    Hi Giorgio - thank you! The body shape is approx 9/10ths the size of a 'proper' NRFB, so its more manageable - and yes, the neck is huge! Surprisingly comfortable though. Construction is mostly LP Jr style... Next to a tele for reference: I am halfway through building another, and, while...
  11. Matt Novak

    Share your Junior guitars

    I built this:
  12. Matt Novak

    Routing tenon/neck heel for Firebird Non Reverse confusion

    For what it's worth, I built a 9/10th scale NRFB recently, and I took a similiar approach - I disregarded how it 'should be done' and went with a much simpler neck join:
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