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    and there it is...mesaboogie.com

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    sober from guitar for... 6 WEEKS!!!

    Very lucky on that one. Good luck with a speedy recovery!
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    Grrrrrrr... Time for plan C

    Check out the H and K stuff. I had a Duotone and it was a helluva an amp. Maybe the Triamp?
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    Head small enough to fit on top of a Bogner Cube...

    HA! Just saw this. My peters was Brians before he sold it to me and I tossed it on the cube. I wish I still had that little rig.
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    Head small enough to fit on top of a Bogner Cube...

    When I had a Cube a Peter's Wolverine sat on top. Awesome combo!
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    Just Played The EGNATER REBEL 20- WOW!!

    "I think the now-discontinued Mesa Blue Angel amp supposedly did this" Nope, it's switchable.
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    Help choosing cab

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    RIO GRANDE pickups...

    I just put some Tall Boys in my strat and they are fantastic! I wouldn't hesitate if you are on the fence.
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    Does your wife know???????

    I have bought several things that my wife didn't know about, and when she saw them didn't care. We pay our bills and she can buy whatever she wants and I buy what i want.
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    Have you gone from 10's to 11's?

    I like 11s on my shorter scale guitar but right now it's strung up with 10s because I buy them in bulk.
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    Hideous Guitars

    The wangcaster was for sale on Craigs List recently.
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    Bogner Alchemist?

    Just like any other amp thread. Everyone has their own taste. I would say try it out for yourself and see what you think. :JAM
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    The OD Pedal Comparinator

    Very cool idea! HOw did you record this?
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    Listen to Chinese Democracy in full..

    I am a fan of GNR and Bumblefoot, but I just don't get this album. Not my cup of tea.
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    Do I need EMG's?

    What did they use in the Kill Em All Days?
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