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  1. mattier

    FS Peavey Wolfgang Standard Hardtail Flamed Amber (GONE)

    Damn that’s a beauty. Love the hardtail version. God why do I do this to myself? Is it still up for grabs?
  2. mattier

    Question for multiple guitar owners

    That’s a great question. I used to be really only Buy Ibanez 1997-2000 guitars. Golden age stuff. Then I slowly sold off a huge part of that collection and really broadened my horizons. I personally think it’s because I started on Ibanez and new the most about them. I have to say I’m so glad I...
  3. mattier

    Why do millenial and Gen Z like thin necks?

    i love fat necks. Just finished a stratocaster with a 1” SRO fat and it’s just amzing!
  4. mattier

    Stones or Beatles?

    Man tough question. Keith’s licks definitely make me want to pick up my guitar a little more but the Beatles are a little more varied I’d say which makes great listening. Also the original tones of the Beatles can be highly Motivating as well. Such a tough call. I’d have to go with the Rolling...
  5. mattier

    Neal Schon Guitar Auction

    man that collection is mind numbing
  6. mattier

    Neal Schon auctions vintage guitars

    Sweet baby Gsus! So many sick guitars…oh man.
  7. mattier

    Eric Johnson Strat?

    One of the best necks, best trem block, awesome guitar .
  8. mattier

    Crazy Reverb Buyer.....?

    No ticky …No tacky…..no photos…..no refund sometimes **** does happen in shipping though. I had a locking nut come off once during shipping. Looked like a ****ing squirrel took a Jack hammer to the bottom back side.
  9. mattier

    Have you ever sold a keeper?

    I sold a vigier excalibur that was pretty perfect. That light sapphire, non matching headstock, vintage trem. Also my firs jcustom this trans black rg1702
  10. mattier

    But that TONE though! (John Mayer's New Single)

    I really dislike the PRs silver sky. Looks cheap compared to his Stratocasters. the song is very bleh
  11. mattier

    Sold SVL '61 Reserve (Black) w/Mark Foley Pre CBS 60's Pickups

    Well that’s a dandy…..that does look like Brazilian rosewood
  12. mattier

    Sold ‘61 RI Gibson SG, stop tail

    That’s a good deal,imo
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