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    So younger people are starting to dislike current music

    As the father of two of those "younger people" mentioned in the thread's title, I report that I'm doing everything I can to influence them in the right direction lol
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    Metallica sues TikTok user!!

    Before realizing it was satire, I got more upset over the use of "them" to refer to a teenager, than about Metallica's legal action. This whole pronouns circus is getting out of hand.
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    NOS TDK Inductor Wah Pedal - What To Look For
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    Your attenuator recommendations, please

    Each switched step adds a series resistor to the network. The more resistors you add, the higher the attenuation. This is easier and much less expensive to implement than having a continuous dial.
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    Rant: This whole "real amps Vs modellers" argument...

    Modellers can get you so close to the recorded sound of a real amp that most people would fail a blind test. That's not an argument anymore. But it's like Bill Gates' synthetic beef. He created it in a lab using real cow's stem cells. It probably tastes so close to the real thing that, again...
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    What company would you consider the third in the "big three"?

    Fender Gibson Marshall .... (Distant other brands)
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    Has the used market started to cool down?

    If more than one generation passed between 1981 and 2022, my statement is correct.
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    Has the used market started to cool down?

    I don't have a technical name for it but in the US we're living under the worst economy in generations. Insane record inflation levels, gas prices, food prices, home insurance costs (I just got hit with another ridiculous price hike on top of last year's!), etc. Every indicator points at things...
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    Quad Cortex vs Mesa Rectifier (amp model + capture) & initial impressions

    Love your videos, always great stuff. Digital modeling seems to be a very delicate issue in general and you presented it in a very honest way. I watched the whole thing even though I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum :)
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    Santana collapses at concert in Michigan

    I've noticed that lots of people have been collapsing doing their jobs in the last year or so for some reason. Young and healthy athletes too. Some even died "misteriously". They had to come up with the concept of "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" to explain it in some way. I'm glad that Santana is...
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    Help please honky tone

    If the sound changed when you changed cabs, it's the cab. The fastest and easiest way to change your amp's sound is by switching speakers. So I'd say it definitely is the cab. Check what speakers are in there first thing.
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    Just unboxed my Mojotone 5e3 kit. Advice for a first time kit assembler?

    My two cents. When soldering two or more components to the same turret/eyelet, make sure that you got good solid contact in all of them as sometimes things could look like they're soldered in place but they're not.
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    Beware of Earcandy Cabinets

    Since you already had problems with one vendor, avoid Sourmash too as he's another scumbag. Long story short he didn't want to take back a head cabinet he sent me with the wrong specs. I had to involve PayPal for him to accept the return but then he claimed he didn't receive it, trying to keep...
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    Duke's Big 4 with Joe Pass - Footage <<

    Just sharing this. I recently discovered that the recording of one of my favourite albums of all time was filmed for posterity in January of 1973. I couldn't believe my eyes. Duke Ellington, Joe Pass, Ray Brown and Louie Bellson did it all in basically one take. Pure, absolute genius. It's so...
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    LOUD Hum on Metroamp 1969 Super Lead Build

    A bit of a stretch but, can the NFB 47K resistor be open? Looks like it's new but there are probably not many other possible causes for that hum... Check also the Presence pot just in case.
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