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    Playing in a cover band doing a genre you don't listen to...Modern Country content

    The older I get (50), these gigs are less and less fun. Plus the songs are all the same. The singers are all the same. The concept is all the same. Unless your a 14-25yr old female, with minimal musical taste, it’s grueling.
  2. mazman

    Band Ethics - hiring and firing

    Ethical and musicians in the same sentence???
  3. mazman

    What guitar is the most “EVH guitar” in your opinion?

    Frankie. By far. I knew every stripe on that thing. I drew it on all my notebooks in school. After that it’d be the 5150 Kramer
  4. mazman

    Vinyl? Really?

    I don’t get the whole vinyl thing. I mean, how many still have turntables? Not to mention the scratching, skipping and the maintenance to keep one up. I don’t understand bands offering this format and forgoing CDs? Some even have cassettes! I know there are purist and collectors, but looks...
  5. mazman

    Anyone ever play AC/DC for an audience, on a Strat?

    Pretty sure I have once or twice. I’m sure it’s done frequently
  6. mazman

    I don't get Grateful Dead. Really.

    I was same way, but I’ve grown to love about 10 of their tunes. At the same time, they can sound like a bunch of 4th graders.
  7. mazman

    FS Jetter Gain Stage Blue

    Good cond $100 shipped and PP lower 48
  8. mazman

    FS RK5 FlyRig ver1?

    Version 1 I assume. Works perfectly Exc Cond $200 shipped and PP LOWER 48
  9. mazman

    Fender '51 CS Nocaster observations

    Ive had a 2002 model since 2004 and it’s absolutely the best guitar I’ve ever played. I’ll NEVER part with it.
  10. mazman

    The PRS Thread: show us your PRS

    2017 594 & 2009 DGT
  11. mazman

    Collings or Martin... (again)

    I know this…. Collins are REALLY proud of their line.
  12. mazman

    FS Jetter ODS 181

    Jetters take on the “D” style tone. Wildwood exclusive Has Velcro but otherwise Exc cond. $210 shipped and PP lower 48 only
  13. mazman

    Daddario XPND

    any info on when these will be available
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