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  1. mccreadyisgod

    Need help identifying model of this Taylor

    Part of their relic'ed series? [/joke]
  2. mccreadyisgod

    What's your preferred "all in one" PA for acoustic + vocals?

    Since you are specifically looking for something that slots between that "true acoustic" venue (no amplification needed), and the venues with a full and proper PA, I would lean towards one of the combo amps or small towers. No need to haul more equipment than is necessary for this application...
  3. mccreadyisgod

    I need a Fat neck.

    Unconventional, but worth mentioning: Rainsong guitars have a pretty chunky neck, enough that the thin-neck folk tend to complain about them. They can be a little harder to find in a store, but it sounds like it would fit your bill. I've got three, and I love them.
  4. mccreadyisgod

    Identify guitar, angled W logo headstock

    It sure looks like a hand-made guitar from some small maker. Hard to tell from the two pictures, but it doesn't quite look like a "professional" job. Maybe a project from a beginning or apprentice luthier? It doesn't look like any kind of prefab parts, like you can buy from Warmoth or other kit...
  5. mccreadyisgod

    Budgeting for an Acoustic - help me articulate to my spouse

    Alvarez, Yamaha, and Breedlove make some pretty good instruments in that price range. In Canada, I'd be looking at the Godin brands (Norman, Simon & Patrick, Seagull, Art & Lutherie). There is no real reason you can't find a worthy, performance-ready instrument for $800-1000. I definitely...
  6. mccreadyisgod

    Sell or keep?

    I'd sell anything that doesn't have an emotional attachment, or that you believe to be replaceable. Everything else can be thought of as liquid, stuff that would do some good in someone else's hands, and better off gone from your own space and responsibility. Time to Marie Kondo the collection...
  7. mccreadyisgod

    best smaller/parlor acoustic? sub 400

    Art & Lutherie or Alvarez. I have an older A&L, it's awesome, great neck. And I had my paws on an Alvarez that was **amazing**, but the wife was not in the mood. Slotted headstock and great projection, just a sweetheart for like $300 used.
  8. mccreadyisgod

    Do electronics degrade an acoustic's sound and feel?

    You wanna try a light-weight guitar with punch, I have a couple Rainsong carbon fiber guitars that sound huge, compared to their size. But it helps to use a material with greater inherent strength, and also they don't need structural bracing, so they're incredibly resonant.
  9. mccreadyisgod

    Do electronics degrade an acoustic's sound and feel?

    Based on your comments, I would sorta want to steer you toward adding a passive soundhole pickup to one of your existing acoustics. They can be easily installed, and easily uninstalled. They don't have a preamp or battery pack, so they add minimal weight. And they only contact the soundboard at...
  10. mccreadyisgod

    Has anyone here tried the Graph Tech TUSQ Bridge pins?

    I have four guitars that came from the factory with the full Tusq set (pins, saddle, nut). They work and sound great. I can't compare them to anything else, since I've never tried replacing them, but I've never felt the need either. The theory goes that Tusq is about as close as they can get to...
  11. mccreadyisgod

    Do electronics degrade an acoustic's sound and feel?

    No doubt an on-board active preamp will add a fair amount of weight to the guitar. But there's no reason that an A/E model would be any heavier, or more "built", than the comparable pure acoustic version; that is, if you took the A/E model and stripped all the electronic components, then it...
  12. mccreadyisgod

    Miking an acoustic for intimate live performance???

    Literally the oldest question in acoustic guitar amplification. Outboard mic leads to feedback, plus differences in volume and tone when the player moves around. Onboard mic is more consistent, but has its own problems. Pickup is the best volume-before-feedback, and outboard processing...
  13. mccreadyisgod

    Thinline Acoustic Hybrid--TA Crowdster? Taylor T5z? Other...?

    The Fender Acoustasonic has to be on the list. Even if you don't pick it, it's a strong, viable contender. Epiphone SST Coupe would save on the budget, also a strong contender. The Godin A6 would definitely fit the bill.
  14. mccreadyisgod

    Acoustic for an electric player

    It's shorthand for those in the know. Look at models like the 314, 414, 614, etc. They all share the same shape (the "14") but use different woods and such in the different levels (the first digit). Hence, x14.
  15. mccreadyisgod

    Acoustic for an electric player

    Line 6 Variax. Not even joking.