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Recent content by mds

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    Sold TC Ditto Looper, Empress Tape Delay

    Any interest in an Earthquaker Disaster Transport Sr?
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    Anyone still using the DL4? (Line6 delay)

    I still fire it up for backwards loopy weirdness from time to time
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    Bros, we're living in a golden age of delay... which one would you get and why?

    I've gone through tons of delays over the years. I tour with a couple pretty big rock bands and definitely run these through their paces. In the recent past I've had the following on my touring board: Brigadier, RE-20, ARDX20/Amaze0, DL-4, PS-3, Carbon Copy, DE-7, and probably a couple I'm...
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    Review of the DC-3 Mesa Boohie Combo

    I still own the DC-5 I bought in 1995. It is my backup on the road and has seen the world several times over. Still a great amp.
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    Death cap on Airline 62-9013a

    Interesting...I always thought the 1472 and 1482 were essentially the same. Thanks for the insight!
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    Death cap on Airline 62-9013a

    I'm out on the road for a couple weeks, but when I'm back I'll record some clips. Its a cool amp. Not a ton of cleans, which is why I got it. I like the breakup a lot. Tremolo sounds cool. Very different from my '72 Princeton, which was the point, haha.
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    Anyone know where I can get a knob and battery cover for an 80s Rat?

    Totally...though at the time I posted the thread this was not true. No small bear part at the time that would fit my 80s rat. Of course ProCo's part didn't fit either. Gaff tape it is!
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    Anyone know where I can get a knob and battery cover for an 80s Rat?

    Hey now, my thread totally rules and you know it! ;)
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    Anyone know where I can get a knob and battery cover for an 80s Rat?

    The interesting part to me, the OP, is that they DID send me a battery cover but it didn't fit my rat, so this actually MIGHT be helpful!
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    Death cap on Airline 62-9013a

    Yeah, CL in Los Angeles. There were two of them. I got the cheaper one that isn't in as good of shape and hasn't had the 3 prong mod done.
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    Death cap on Airline 62-9013a

    Yeah, its a really nice sounding amp. A little on the dark side, which I dig. I have a Silvertone 1481 which I love and wanted a similar amp with a little more volume for gig situations. Hopefully this one will do it!
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    Death cap on Airline 62-9013a

    Hey guys! Just grabbed one of these. Supposedly very similar to a Silvertone 1482. Sounds really nice. After some wrestling with the chassis I got it out to inspect the internals and figure out how to get a 3 prong power cable installed. The death cap isn't where I expected it to be as...
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    Sold Devi Ever. Diamond. EHX

    Trade Bit Mangler for Superego?
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    Delay connoisseurs, how the hell are ya

    I've gone through a lot, but I still think the Analogman ARDX w/Amaze0 is the best. Great analog tone, presets, modulation, and tap tempo. Its killer.