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    What are your absolute essentials?

    These days just a bluesbreaker type drive, a strobe tuner and an amp with onboard spring reverb. The variety comes from switching guitars with different pickup and wood combos.
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    huge frets and tone?

    nickel frets shouldn't really impact the tone regardless of their size. jumbo stainless frets on the other hand will definitely add a slight metallic clang
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    Favorite Pedal for Each Effect Type

    Overdrive: Mythical Overdrive Distortion: hate distortion Fuzz: hate fuzz Delay: hate delay Reverb: Carl Martin Headroom Chorus: hate chorus Vibrato: hate vibrato Phaser: hate phaser Tremolo: Kingsley Bard Univibe: hate univibe Flanger: hate flangers but ordered a Retro-Sonic Compression...
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    Your pedal choice for sonic sweetening / always on / “more”

    Sarno Black Box is literally always on. Mythical Overdrive is always on like 90% of the time.
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    Neck size/carve - how flexible are you?

    Back of the neck carve isn't that material of a spec. A bit overrated, much like nut width. Fret size, string spacing at the bridge and overall board radius i have found to have the most impact on whether a guitar feels good to play or not.
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    Kinman pickups

    FWIW I'm ordering pickups and harnesses for two guitars directly right now and have had a great experience so far. Joe has followed up with several questions and clearly seems to want to get the order right. Nothing but helpful and friendly. I was told two weeks from order so I'll try and...
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    Best $200 you've ever spent on gear

    Bought a used Jule-modded v1 Night train head for $200 even. Thing is incredible. New the souped up Mythical Overdrive is just under $200. Also incredible, especially together with the Vox.
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    Partscasters vs branded

    I’m building my first partscaster. It’s a Fender MIM Mahogany strat with a swimming pool route and a 6 screw trem. Came stock with 3 humbuckers wired to a 5 way switch like a standard strat. So far, I’ve replaced the neck with a warmoth neck and locking tuners, replaced the neck and bridge...
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    Strat Vox Commonwealth
  10. Strat Vox Commonwealth

    Strat Vox Commonwealth

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    Re-amping and amp/cab impedance mismatch

    Recently picked up a Jule-modded Night Train 15w v1, which sounds great on its own, but even better into my 100w Fryette Power Station to a Glaswerks 112TH cab with a EVM-12L clone. Thing is, considerable A-B testing so far has led me to believe that the Vox sounds better using the 16ohm tap...
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    New Fender line: American Professional II

    I hate those 2 point trems with the narrow gibson style spacing. It's getting harder and harder to find fenders with the comfy vintage spacing that made them uniquely feel like a fender in the first place.
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    Rewiring 4th position on a Strat to N/M series instead of parallel

    Anybody have a wiring diagram on how to do this? Would I have to replace or install any parts if I'm fine losing the n/m parallel sound? Id rather have a beefy neck humbucker-ish lead tone (but don't want to get rid of my single coil straight neck and middle tones) than the 4th position quack...
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    Anybody got a Villex strat passive boost they will sell me?

    Name your price. Thanks.
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