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  1. Melt In The Sun

    What is this guitar!?

    Thanks! Looks like Modulo Tipo...
  2. Melt In The Sun

    What is this guitar!?

    Anyone recognize it? Not sure if I love or hate it, but I'm awfully curious...
  3. Melt In The Sun

    Smashing Pumpkins - good covers of their material?

    Heard another - Bullet with Butterfly Wings:
  4. Melt In The Sun

    Big Wreck live tour .. but for the sun

    Hey Big'Uns, I can see myself in your video! The show was amazing. If you're in doubt, go see it!
  5. Melt In The Sun

    Does anyone prefer the PRS SE or S2 over the Core line?

    For now, S2 because there's no core or SE Vela...wish they would change that!
  6. Melt In The Sun

    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

    Maybe I'm insane - always thought bridge pickups were a smidge longer to account for the angle.
  7. Melt In The Sun

    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

    Looks like he didn't use a bridge pickup on that strat, but just another neck/middle? It's too short!
  8. Melt In The Sun

    How do luthiers make the domed back of guitars and ukuleles?

    Pressed into a radius dish, braces are glued on in the dished form. https://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Types_of_Tools/Go-Bar_System/Radius_Dishes_for_Bracing_Acoustic_Guitars.html
  9. Melt In The Sun

    One of the first electric instruments

    Well now that you mention it...
  10. Melt In The Sun

    Extra ground wire for noisy OEM fishman - how does that work?

    Stupid question first, what are you plugging in to and how is it powered? I had such a hum (cheap active UST, stopped by touching the jack) be caused by a cheap stompbox power supply.
  11. Melt In The Sun

    Expectations vs. reality - neck twist

    This is the plan at the moment - I'm sending it to SF Guitar Works for a plek job. It may seem like overkill (any maybe it is), but I want to get the frets leveled with the least amount of material removed. I think the truss can be adjusted so that there's some backbow on the bass side and...
  12. Melt In The Sun

    Expectations vs. reality - neck twist

    A little stiff on the high E and B, especially between frets 7 and 12.
  13. Melt In The Sun

    Expectations vs. reality - neck twist

    Knowing that an absolutely straight neck is wishful thinking, I'm hoping y'all can help me ground my expectations for this. I have a guitar I bought new from a small builder with a "lifetime warranty" to the original owner. The neck has a twist in the "wrong" way - the treble side shows more...
  14. Melt In The Sun

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Whoa, that black woodgrain..... :cool:
  15. Melt In The Sun

    What's this beat-up Charvel?

    I'm gonna pass - it's listed at 275 on Tucson Craigslist. I'm always in the market for a cheap decent floyd guitar but this one isn't blowing my skirt up. Thanks for the tips everyone!
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