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    Which delay for slapback?

    Keeley Memphis Sun?
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    Sold Friedman Smallbox - Wildwood Edition Head SB50

    Comes with everything shown. Save a few hundred dollars off "new" and no wait or tax. Will ship with a replacement TRS cable as I can't find the original. $2600 shipped CONUS. No trades.
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    Best wah you've come across?

    Out of the following: Xotic Prostage rack wah Mini Crybaby Original Crybaby Vintage Vox Chi wah Plutonium Hotone Dunlop Buddy Guy And a few others The only one that stayed was the Dunlop Buddy Guy
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    Keeley HALO Andy Timmons Dual Echo is out!

    Obviously, much of the magic is playing it with a stereo field. Can someone chime in on how much is lost playing in mono?
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    Sold Suhr Classic S Roasted Maple

    $2400 CONUS - Let’s go :)
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    Sold Suhr Classic S Roasted Maple

    Ex condition. Comes with build sheet, tools & Suhr padded bag. $2500 CONUS. No trades.
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    Sold Walrus Mako D1 V2

    Price drop -> $285
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    Sold Suhr Classic S Paulownia

    Ex Condition. Comes with Suhr hardshell case, vibrato arm, build sheet & tools. $2700 CONUS. No trades. Specs as listed in build sheet.
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    Neal Schon performs National Anthem before NBA finals game 1

    Ihush Guitars. Luthier in Japan.
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