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    Best IEM's in 2019?

    I have a set of 64 Audio V6 stage and just got a new set of A6t. The new ones are so much more balanced, have a wider stage presence and aren’t as fatiguing. The A6t’s are not as loud ast the V6s but that is easily compensated. I was a little unsure about spending the money for a new set of...
  2. mep

    Line 6 HX Stomp

    Thanks for the answer. And you are correct, I’m doing some things with the Stomp and some with the MC 6. Actually, the more I’m working with the rig, the more simple I’m trying to make it. I’m mainly going to use the midi controller to switch between foot switch modes which will allow me to...
  3. mep

    Line 6 HX Stomp

    Is there a way to scroll through the banks on the Stomp using midi? I can scroll presets but haven’t figured out how to scroll banks.
  4. mep

    Line 6 HX Stomp

    Run the 1/4” outputs to FOH as a line output and the headphone out out to you FRFRs. This allows you to use the headphone output as a volume control also.
  5. mep

    Show us your HX Stomp pedalboards!!!

    I have a HX Stomp and Morningstar MC6 on the way and I’m trying to plan for a pedal board to hold both devices. I’m thinking of the Pedaltrain Nano. My question is whether there is enough room under the board to mount a small power strip that I could plug both devices into. I would rather not...
  6. mep

    little help in choosing a new guitar and yes it does involve weight

    How about a Suhr Alt T. Looks like a thinline, comes with 2 Humbuckers and most are around 7lbs. New they are a little more than your budget but used they are in the ballpark. I would also suggest a custom Anderson but they are more than your budget, unless you can find the right guitar used.
  7. mep

    Case for stands?

    When I was leading a mobile church, we use to use a heavy duty plastic garbage can that had wheels. Inexpensive and worked great, plus they will hold up if they aren’t abused. https://www.lowes.com/pd/INCREDIBLE-Plastics-32-Gallon-Black-Plastic-Outdoor-Wheeled-Trash-Can-with-Lid/3381468
  8. mep

    Help with making my P-Bass a P/J Bass

    For the cost of routing your current bass and replacing the pickups, I would consider purchasing a Fender P bass special. They sound great and play well. If you are patient you can easily find a used one for $500.
  9. mep

    Who’s played a Fender Elite P Bass?

    I own one and I think that it is a GREAT bass. The neck feels just right and the variety of tones are perfect. The active mode provides so many possibilities but I like it just as well in passive mode. I would not hesitate to buy it again and in fact, I am seriously considering buying another one.
  10. mep

    High Quality Gig Bags

    I have a 2 BlueHeron cases (dreadnaught and OM sized) and I think they are great. I also have 2 Mono M80 bass cases. I think that there is a little thicker padding in the Mono’s and maybe overall protection. But for me the Blue Heron cases offer plenty of protection and are more ergonomic to...
  11. mep

    Considering moving up to custom IEMs from universal fit...

    I have the 64 Audio V6s and think that they are great. Very comfortable and easy to put in and out. They are 6 drivers and sound great but I find some of my higher end headphones more pleasing if I am just listening to music for pleasure. The new models of 64 Audio have become very expensive...
  12. mep

    Newbie P bass vs Jazz bass question

    I would say look at the Fender American Elite Precision. It is a great sounding bass that covers a lot of options. It has a p bass neck, can be passive or active and sounds great either way. You could also look for a used American Deluxe Precision. It is almost the same as the Elite but the...
  13. mep

    JBL LSR 305 Price

    You will be amazed at the bass response of the 305's very tight and punchy with solid bass notes. They would be amazing with the sub.
  14. mep

    New to FRFR - what are the levels/price points ?

    I used the Alto TS210 last night at rehearsal and I thought it sounded great. I got the speaker up off the floor and it was behind me. Enough sound to get over a loud drummer and percussionist. I did use the global EQ to take a little bottom end off. Some may like other speakers better but I...
  15. mep

    New to FRFR - what are the levels/price points ?

    I just got an Alto TS210 today and so far I very impressed. The presets that I created using Mackie HR824's and JBL LSR 305's translate very well to the Alto. I considered the Yamaha DBR10 and DXR10 and the Line 6 offerings but decided for the amount of usage that this speaker is going to...
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