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  1. mesa/kramer

    Getting more head room out of a 100 watt Marshall / burgera

    I have one of these It’s the loudest amp I own by far I run my 100 waters on 3-4 But I can’t even turn the Bugera to 1 with out burrying the drummer This amp stays pristine clean until unbearable volume levels
  2. mesa/kramer

    Where did you buy your bare knuckle pickups?

    Not really seeing any US dealers for these Just mostly eBay listings Where did you get yours?
  3. mesa/kramer

    Amp(s) for a tractor....?

    THR-10 all the way
  4. mesa/kramer

    Friedman BE-MINI Review Videos

    Just placed my order!
  5. mesa/kramer

    Friedman BE-MINI Review Videos

    Gearwire is saying it is going to sell for just $329???
  6. mesa/kramer

    NCD: EVH 5150 III 2x12 Cab

    Pick up a second EVH 2x12 instead of a 4x12
  7. mesa/kramer

    Work-horse 412

    Used Marshall 1960 4x12’s al day long for $400-$500 Used Mesa 4x12’s $500-$600 All solid workhorse cabs
  8. mesa/kramer

    2204 thru 2 Greenies?

    Been running my DSL 50 into a Greenback loaded 2x12 for over a decade with no problems Master usually around 4-5
  9. mesa/kramer

    Fender Stacks.....

    Skimmed through.... Know very little about this band except for that yodel song Some serious prog stuff here That guy was a pretty good and mostly unknown guitar player
  10. mesa/kramer

    Cheap Amps That Sound Good

    Bugera 1960
  11. mesa/kramer

    Guitar Out of 7000 Matches and Set on Fire!

    All that hard work up in flames
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