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    Delay Suggestions

    Thanks. I'll consider it, but I'm thinking it may be better to go with a digital delay. So I can do a bit more customization if need be.
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    Reverb Suggestions

    Not really an FX guy, but decided I want to get a Reverb pedal. Will almost exclusively be using it for ambient clean stuff. Having options are nice, but want something relatively straight forward that's easy to dial in something cool, but also have the options in case I want to get more in...
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    Delay Suggestions

    Currently using a regular Carbon Copy. I'm really not an FX guy to begin with, so I don't need anything too complicated. My biggest issue with the CC is that there's no tap tempo, and I would like a bit more variety. So I'm thinking of going with a digital delay. I was considering a TC...
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    For-profit music schools

    Does anyone have any experience with for-profit music universities and colleges such as Musicians Institute, BIMM, etc..? I'm currently studying music at a regular university. The location, facilities, and course offerings of these for-profit schools look great, and it seems better than...
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    Making a generic case fit

    I have a generic rectangular case I use only for my Schecter 7 string. It moves around quite a bit, I put some polish cloths on the sides and bottom which helps a bit but it still far from ideal. I have an idea, what if I were to get foam of some sort, superglue it into the case, then because...
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    Feedback on my song

    Started working on a new EP and I'm not quite sure with this one. Any feedback would be appreciated. I am looking for feedback on the song as a whole (not the production). The guitars are a bit sloppy and choppy right now as most parts were done in one take or comped after coming up with the...
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    Chinese guitar suppliers

    Does anyone have any experience ordering custom guitars from Chinese factories / suppliers? If so, how was your experience? I’m interested in ordering a fairly inexpensive custom guitar and think maybe its worth a try. To be clear, I don’t want any fakes, counterfeits, or any brand name on the...
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    Deciding between a 2x12 or 4x12

    Got a PRS Archon head a few months ago and have been playing using impulse responses via my Two Notes Torpedo. Sounds great. I am however interested in getting a real cab for playing. I’m still not sure whether I should get a Mesa 2x12 or 4x12. I mainly be using this rig in my home studio...
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    Burnt my finger, need to keep playing guitar

    I burnt the tip of my index finger (a minor burn) started to get a blister shortly after. I stupidly picked off the blister. It hurts and the burn is near the tip of my right index finger which I need to play classical guitar. I need a way to keep playing classical guitar with minimal...
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    Tube burning smell

    Yeah haha, unfortunately it never crossed my mind to check the tubes in the amp. The bubble wrap was clear so I didn't even notice it in the amp
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    Tube burning smell

    Yes this is what my tech did. Removed the tubes and cleaned them with a solution. And just don't have the money to replace the tubes right now unfortunately. But the smell has faded quite a bit so it is getting better. Just wanted to make this thread to see if anything else can be done. I...
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    Tube burning smell

    Let me start off by saying I am new to tube amps, this is the first tube head I've bought so I don't know much about them. Got a used tube amp, was playing through it for a few minutes when I first got it, then the room started to smell like burning plastic. Realized the seller put bubble wrap...
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    What's wrong with my tone?

    I have a Peavey 6505+ combo amp that I really like the sound of in the room. However, when I connect it to my Two Notes Captor and use impulse responses I can't get it to sound the way I like it. Just spent a few hours messing with IRs and amp settings trying to get something that somewhat...
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    6505 Impulse Responses

    I have a Peavey 6505+ 112 combo and am quite satisfied with the tone I get from the combo speaker. I have a Two Notes Captor and have tried countless times to plug the head of the combo into it and no matter what impulse responses I use, I can never get it to sounds decent. I have a bunch of 3rd...
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    Rounding off fret ends

    On one of my guitars, the fret ends don't stick out, however I feel like the ends aren't as smooth and rounded as my others. How difficult is it to round some of them? I've never done any type of fret work before, but I assume to do something like this, you just get a fret file and carefully...
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