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    Not your mama's fuzz pedal (demeter content)

    The tremulator is amazing as well. Love that pedal!
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    DD-7 Almost Landed at Sweetwater

    Wow, that's a great price!
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    Crappy cell phone pic, just need an RC-2 and another small delay. I'm thinking carbon copy or dd-7/5.
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    Just wondering what the "Punch Love" is and if the name was inspired by the film Punch-Drunk Love?
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    Pedalboard Philosophy

    I stick with a PT Jr. Fits 8 normal sized pedals easily!
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    the BEST pedalboard, ever.

    I need to invest in a ds-1 now!
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    Turbo Tuner Stompbox Revealed

    Wow, I can't wait for this.
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    Who makes a great flanger?

    I like my ibanez fl-9, bought it for $60.
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    Latest : So who now got a Korg Pitchblack tuner then ?

    I'm happy with my TU-2. Maybe someday I'll try the pitchblack though.
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    Suggest Overdrive For Singing Sustaining Leads

    A Muff or a Muff clone should also give you tons of sustain.
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    Lets see your loaded Pedaltrain JRs!

    Delay and RC-2 are next and then possibly a different OD and a new wah pedal
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    Foxrox aquavibe in the house!!!

    I'm wondering the same thing.
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    What's a good phaser pedal?

    The Nebula is good too! I'm also selling one...not really in need of phase.