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    Ebo Customs e-verb?

    I just received my E-verb a few days ago. It sounds fabulous in front of my vintage tweed amps. I mainly play clean jazz. The E-verb sounds awesome and Eric is great to do business with.
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    Best Real Spring Reverb For Home/Studio Use

    Thanks for all the great advice. I went ahead and ordered an E-verb from Ebo Customs. Now I just need to be patient!
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    Best Real Spring Reverb For Home/Studio Use

    Thank you for the heads-up. I love the True Spring. I just figured why not explore a "real" spring reverb. No knock to the True Spring at all.
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    Best Real Spring Reverb For Home/Studio Use

    Hey, everyone. I'm contemplating getting some kind of real spring reverb unit for home use and recording only with my tweed amps. I pretty much strictly play clean jazz. I'm considering possibly a vintage Fender Reverb tank, the Ebo E-verb, the out of production Sole Mate or the Demeter...
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    J Rockett BOING! Reverb

    I've been using a Boing with my vintage tweed amps for a few months now. For my purposes, it works quite nicely. I really like the dead simplicity. Less tweaking. More music making.
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    Austin Guitar House Thread ....Part IV

    Fabulous photos, Oz! Thank you for your warmth, courtesy and friendship! Austin Guitar House, my Saturday hang!
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    1956 Fender Princeton with 10 inch Celestion Ceramic

    Sorry. I've been away. I also can't seem to figure out how to delete my conversations to clear space. Any tips? My apologies.
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    1956 Fender Princeton with 10 inch Celestion Ceramic

    I hear you. I have a tweed Champ, too. I dig it, but the bigger box of the Princeton translates to a bigger sound. If you're looking for another tweed to compliment or augment your Princeton, I would recommend something a little larger, as others have suggested. My personal favorite at the...
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    1956 Fender Princeton with 10 inch Celestion Ceramic

    Thanks for the response. My Princeton currently has the original 8" speaker. I was thinking of going up to a beefier 10" to get more headroom in order to use the amp with my band. But not too much headroom to lose the great touch sensitive drive.
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    1956 Fender Princeton with 10 inch Celestion Ceramic

    Great amp and nice playing, TPC. One question regarding the Bluedog in the amp now. Isn't there an ohm mismatch with the Princeton? Any concern about that? I have a 1960 tweed Princeton, and I've been contemplating a speaker swap myself. Thanks. Oh, and Dave and the gang at Killer Vintage are great!
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    I'm about to pull the trigger...help, please! (PTD Trombetta related)

    I agree with the others. Get as many as you can now rather than waiting again. I think the PlexiBender is a great choice. Paul's plexi pre-amps are fantastic. And his Copper Penny looks awesome, too. I'm a huge fan of the Rotobone. I'd get one of those for sure. Grab a mini-bone ge/si while...
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    Great Mike Hermans Paul Trombetta PTD Rotobone Demo

    Hey, everyone. Check out this fabulous demo by Mike Hermans of Paul Trombetta's Rotobone. It only reinforces how much I love my Rotobone!
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    So that Lehle Mono Volume Pedal...

    I received the Lehle Volume Pedal yesterday. Haven't played it at rehearsal or a gig yet, but I'm very impressed. Great smooth taper, excellent build quality.
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    Thomastik-Infeld bebop vs Pyramid round pure nickel

    I'm a big TI user. Been using them for many, many years on all my guitars. I've tried the Pyramdid nickels on a couple guitars, gave it some time, but to me the TIs are better. As stated above, the Pyramids feel much stiffer. And to my ears, the Pyramids lack a little life. Recently I've begun...
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