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Recent content by Mike T

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    I'm finished with combos!

    That's like saying "I'm through with pick up trucks because it blew a tire!"....C'mon man....change the tube!!!!
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    Do You "Think" the Note Names As You Play?

    If I had to know the names of every note I am playing when I improvise my head would explode. When I'm playing my best I 'm using my ears, muscle memory, and have stopped thinking about what I'm playing. Reading charts is one thing. Sight reading is a whole world on it's own. I can't sight...
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    How to Replace Tubes in Vox AC15HW

    Hey guys, I feel like I'm missing something in having to ask, but how do I change out the tubes on my Vox AC15HW. I have unscrewed the back panel. One tube has a metal enclosure which is easy enough to take off but the problem is with the springs on the rest of the tubes. They are so tight I...
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    Tele bridge type match problem

    I have a Vintique 3 saddle bridge on my tele and I want to replace it with a 6 saddle bridge. Problem is I can't find a bridge plate to match. The 4 screw mounting holes on it are closest to the back of the bridgeplate with the 6 string holes closest to the pickup. The only plate I can find...
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    JTM 45 build

    I just finished a JTM 45 kit from Mojo but there are issues. The b+ with only the GZ34 in is near 500 VDC everwhere there is b+. Granted no pre or power tubes are drawing current but shouldn't it go down some past the 10k dropping resisters? Then when I put the pre and power tubes in I got smoke...
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    What are some cool versions of "Autumn Leaves"?

    Very heavy dude, man....so softspoken and humble
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    "Real Book" tunes everyone should know?

    A Child Is Born Afro Blue All Blues All Of Me All The Things You Are Angel Eyes Autumn Leaves Blue Bossa Bluesette Blue Monk Cantelope Island Coral Cold Duck Time Dolphin Dance Falling Grace Footprints Four Freddy The Freeloader Giant Steps Green Dolphin Street How High The Moon How Insensitive...
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    Ted Weber..RIP?

    Just found out...sad..a loss to the music world and more. I met Ted at least 15 years ago before Weber VST. There was a BB called "Amps and More" on one of the old services like AOL, I forget the name, when I was just starting messing with amps. I posted a couple times on it and then got an...
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    Low 9's (fast), or high 11's (tone)

    I've been usinng standard 10's for 40 years. I like low action but can't stand buzz.
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    Mick Goodrick "The Advancing Guitarist" - HELP!

    I've had the book forever and every time I open it I'm challenged. I have studied formally and maybe that helps me in appreciating it. But it is a great book. Like Mick says there is lifetime of study in it's pages. From voicings to voice leading to quartal harmony to "the electric skating rink"...
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    Looking for good intro to learn phrasing

    Think of phrasing like talking and making sense.. Complete thoughts..sentences...phrases. Space is what makes the phrase obvious. Try usng a simple C scale in 4/4, go C,D,E,F,G in eight notes and rest for the remaining 1.5 beats. Then go G,F,E,D,C but then rest for the rest of that measure and...
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    Playing Only 2 Strings?

    I use a combination of left and right hand muting. For strumming with a pick, if I only want 2,3,4 or whatever strings to sound, I will if possible use my left hand to mute the other strings and strum freely. If I am picking or hybrid picking, if I can I palm mute the unwanted strings with my...
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    Warm up and Stretching

    I recently rested on these two excercies, one I got from here. But anyway, I use a metronome when I have one, preferebly at different tempos daily. First is a simple chromatic scale accross all strings within 5 frets, stretch the index going up to the next string and the pinky going down. Do...
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    Stray Capacitance???

    I looked again at the can, and it was the the other 2 caps that I had augmented not the first....so I put a 22@500 on the first and voila....no oscillation...thanks guys!!!!
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    Stray Capacitance???

    I've already augmented the first cap (right from the PT via the diodes) on the can filter with a 22@500 to get rid of hum.........