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    Moniker guitars

    their guitars will blow you away for the money - and then the fact that they are custom is the icing on the cake. take a look on their site at the gallery of work that they have done - i think that speaks for itself. as far as how they feel, the necks run a little bit on the thicker...
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    Aren't all buffer pedals created equal?

    the first thing I did when I got some high end measurement gear for my lab was debunk some of these myths for myself because i was as confused about what actually sounded good. heres what i found - (curious to see how it compares to your experience aaron) opamp based buffers made from a TL072...
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    Aren't all buffer pedals created equal?

    I'd say given your rig a buffer at the front of the chain would be a good idea. The buffers in effect pedals themselves when they are on of varying quality in terms of how long of cable / how many pedals they will power the signal through without high end loss. As far as audible...
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    Audio transformer question on pin outs

    that would also work - definitely would want to make sure the signal before the splitter is a buffered lower impedance output. glad to see it says just that right on that datasheet!
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    Audio transformer question on pin outs

    something like this will work well for you and be relatively inexpensive: http://www.geofex.com/FX_images/TransformerSplitter.pdf
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    Audio transformer question on pin outs

    hey cisspcism, i can help you out with this - but i need a little context :-) - which Jensen model are you looking at? - which iso box design are you looking at and - do you want a balanced out or a mono 1/4" isolated out? Mike
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    Starting a new hobby: DIY Effect pedals.

    RE DMMs - the harbor freight meter is a bit inadequate to have around as an 'only' DMM. my choice for a $50 meter is the Extech EX330. Here's a meter shootout from a respected EE Blogger if you want to dive REAL deep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoeUgMFLyAw being an EE as my...
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    Starting a new hobby: DIY Effect pedals.

    my first electronics project was a fuzz face in high school and it led me to go to school for EE and work on music gear for a living...so yeah it's pretty addictive. ill echo what has been said: www.DIYstompboxes.com is your forum for tech discussion Small Bear Electronics has all of the...
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    Marshall style pedal for Morgan AC-20

    that amp sounds so good to begin with all by itself:-) since its already overdriven, IMHO i would go with more of a lower gain OD or boost that has EQ controls available. i think the Barber Gain Changer would be a good call for this application. using the EQ you'll be able to dial in more...
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    Tubes and varying ouput?

    Adamdc - you probably have a bad tube if the output is much lower. it happens with tubes - ive gotten bad ones out of the box from every major manufacturer. that being said, JJ's are my go-to brand. let us know when you get a new tube how it sounds....
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    Tube screamers - what makes one better/best?

    hey folks from this thread....im working on the project I talked about to demo the tubescreamer mods / components - new thread here: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/1491947
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    The most versatile tube screamer ever...tech article

    The Maxon/Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9 and TS-808 are the most popular pedals of all time, and the most cloned and tweaked. It's no surprise that misconceptions abound about the pedal and what it can and cannot do. Endless numbers forum threads have been started discussing the virtues of different...
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    Loud pop when engaging EHX soul food

    there have been a few threads on this topic. the (non-soldering) fix is to run it in 'buffered bypass' mode and the pop goes away.
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