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Recent content by mikealpine

  1. mikealpine

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Your guitars look fantastic!
  2. mikealpine

    Sold out everywhere

    We’ll see what happens when mine ships. Should be ready in two or three months.
  3. mikealpine

    Can I get your thoughts on Carbon Fiber guitars?

    My Rainsong OM gets a lot of love. I have, and will be selling my Black Ice WS and a MacPherson Sable. They are wonderful guitars, but I feel I’ve got redundancy in CF. You can go wrong with a Rainsong, and Emerald is making really nice instruments.
  4. mikealpine

    Best of the builders outside the US - who do you recommend?

    La Grange Guitars in Israel. Great guy, awesome guitars! http://lagrange.guitars/
  5. mikealpine

    Proton Guitar Company

    All good, Tony, hope the same for you and yours! And Hope Proton is continuing to grow!
  6. mikealpine

    I Want an Awesome Cutaway

    I recently bought a Stonebridge dread with a cutaway. I got cedar over rosewood. It is gorgeous to look at and to listen to. It is rich, lush and handles strumming well. It may not be at home in a bluegrass jam, but otherwise it’s a wonderful guitar for both strumming and finger style.
  7. mikealpine

    Collings Shop Tour Video

    I’d love a 290 with two Humbuckers, which I was told they’d customize with am arm bevel.
  8. mikealpine

    Help me find the right Tele pickups!

    Yes, split blades are great! Lollar J Street is another P90-ish pickup.
  9. mikealpine

    Why do you like a short radius if you use one?

    I’m in the 10” radius range. It simply feels comfortable.
  10. mikealpine

    NGD: Logan Tele

    That’s the one! I have a similar guitar, so it was a stretch as to why I’d buy it. I saw it at a great price on Reverb, but didn’t pull the trigger. Hope you get it into the shape you want. I haven’t played P92s, but the sound clips are terrific. Enjoy!
  11. mikealpine

    NGD: Logan Tele

    He's got a T with two Fralin P92s that I keep looking at. Seems like he does nice work.
  12. mikealpine

    Proton Guitar Company

    They were started after a split with DNA Guitars. I've got a DNA Tele, nice guitar. I don't know how good the guitars are, but Tony Kessman, they guy behind it has been pretty passionate about getting the company going and promoting it.
  13. mikealpine

    Your best bang for buck acoustic?

    I played Parkwood at GC many years back. It was $300. I was amazed at how well it played, how great it sounded. I was next to the high end room and had my sights set on a Taylor, so I put it back on the wall. I bought the Taylor, but was not very happy with it, so I returned it, vowing to...
  14. mikealpine

    Jesselli Alert! Here is one you won't see very often

    His shop is about a mile or so from my home. He’s an interesting guy. very pleasant, but in constant, borderline frenetic motion. He worked on a couple of my acoustic guitars a while back.
  15. mikealpine

    Do you have a guitar which is "priceless" for you?

    I have a Takamine acoustic from 1979 or so. No real dollar value, priceless sentimental value. Got it toward the end of high school, took it to college, first marriage, used in courtship of second (current and final) marriage, a couple of kids (one now in college, the other soon to be) and...