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    String Theory EFX website down

    Former owner of String Theory EFX here. I had to close up shop in October of last year.
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    String Theory EFX USA Summer Tourbox - Fuzz and FETs (Now Completed!)

    Sounds great! Thanks for recording a clip. Reminds me of Nels Cline.
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    String Theory EFX: Sea of Tranquility Fuzz

    I present to the pedal lovers of the world the newest addition to the String Theory EFX lineup, the limited edition Sea Of Tranquility Fuzz. Named in honor of the Apollo 11 landing site, the Sea Of Tranquility Fuzz is String Theory's unique take on the legendary germanium fuzz circuit from the...
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    String Theory EFX USA Summer Tourbox - Fuzz and FETs (Now Completed!)

    Thanks for recording 2 demo vids Jim! They both sounded great.
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    String Theory EFX KE/64 Overdrive JustNick Demo

    Great demo showing the dynamics of the KE/64 Overdrive.
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    Poly Digit: Quad Delay, Reverb, Mixer, Cab Sim. What features do you want?

    I may have missed this earlier in the thread; Is the Digit going to have analog/BBD delay emulation?
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    String Theory EFX Tevatron Fuzz JustNick Demo

    JustNick did a great job demoing the Tevatron Fuzz and explaining the ins and outs of the pedal. Check it out!
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    String Theory EFX V2 Pedals

    What’s new about the V2’s? String Theory EFX has been working hard over the last few months to make the KE/64 and Tevatron more pedalboard friendly, reduce production time and lower the cost, all while keeping the same great sound of each pedal intact. Both pedals now feature printed circuit...
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    Which Overdrive Pedal Have You Stuck With The Longest And Why?

    Reverend Drivetrain II. I've had that thing for a looonnnggg time. Got it new as an X-Mas gift one year. Still sounds great.
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    Premier Guitar String Theory EFX KE/64 Overdrive Review

    The KE/64 Overdrive was recently reviewed for the Dec issue of Premier Guitar and I'm proud to report that it has earned a Premier Gear Award.
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    LIC Tourbox!!!!! Fuzz, Fuzz, Fuzz, Fuzz, Annnnddd.... A Rangemaster!

    Got to take the tour box pedals for a spin over the last few days. All of them are very nice, but my favorite was the Supa Fuzz. Rangemaster was nice just a little thin sounding to me. MKI in the gold box was cool. A bit darker and more compressed than I was expecting a MKI circuit to be...
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