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    P90s and Noise Suppresors

    If you have multiple P90's you can put them in phase to eliminate the hum as well. Similar to the 2 or 4 position on a Strat. I do this in between songs or for quiet passages on my 3 P90 Reverend.
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    Amazing Bob Dylan Video

    I keep getting stuck on "The Price is Right" channel. So so so good.
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    Who's more in demand..

    I'm having the hardest time finding a keyboardist. Didn't think that it would be so difficult.
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    Amazing Bob Dylan Video

    I have no idea how much this must have cost or how long it took to make but it's really freaking cool! http://video.bobdylan.com/desktop.html
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    What's your main Overdrive pedal?

    Currently and for the last year or so the JHS Double Barrel. And I still love it.
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    Pedalholics Anonymous: How Long Has It Been Since You Bought Your Last Pedal?

    Over half a year. Starting to think something is wrong with me...
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    How to get this fuzz sound?

    A Fix'd fuzz will get you close.
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    Logic Pro X

    This is my fear too. I'm hoping someone here assuages it. Then again I was bitten by the FCPX debacle so I might be jaded.
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    Logic Pro X

    Very cool! Let us know if you run into any bugs or issues. I don't love buying .0 releases.
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    Logic Pro X

    New version of Logic was just released. I'm hoping someone else here takes the plunge and lets me know how it is :)
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    NGD!!! G&L Comanche

    Sounds like you're unsure of it so far? Different good?
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    So, do kids still learn to play guitar? Is that even still a thing?

    I DO think guitar will always be around but it has taken a back seat in the musical arena as of late. I think it is due to the fact that kids aren't growing up with guitar heroes anymore. When I was a kid it was all about Page, Gilmour, The Edge, Townsend. Now who do they have to look up to...
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    Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

    All I have been listening to for a week. Amazing. It's an ALBUM, not a collection of singles. Amazing production, musicianship and concept. So refreshing.
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    Blackface/Silverface Fender Bandmaster heads

    I have a 65 Bandmaster that just got a complete overhaul by Blackie (NYC guys know who I'm talking about) and the thing SCREAMS. Bought it for $650 a few years ago and still may favorite amp.
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    That Darn Heritage Headstock

    I got mine when I was way too young to care about such things and it has never bothered me once. Nor has it ever bothered anyone in a recording studio or in an audience.
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