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    FS Samson era Bad Cab Cub iir

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    FS Tone King Iron Man II Mini. $ 300

    Does this have a ohm requirement or setting?
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    FS Dr z galaxie combo (red)

    PM’d today
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    Sold Pair of Bad Cat Vintage 30's UK $200

    Nice. They are all perfect sounding and condition? I loved mine when I owned a bad car cab. How old are they?
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    FS Dr z galaxie combo (red)

    Nice amps. Have one dr z that sounds great.
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    Sold 2003 FMIC Gretsch 6118 Jr

    This is fender era right? Based on the serial? But thought fender started in 04
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    Nice thinline partscaster
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    FS Matchless Nighthawk Reverb

    Nice amp. I have a hc30. And only play the ef86 channel. Definitely always wanted to try this one!
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    Pedaltrain Pro and the Voodoo Lab Power Plus 2 Courtesy Outlet

    This looks like it will work. I’m just surprised pedaltrain hasn’t fixed this issue or have a solution we can just buy off the shelf!
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    FS Friedman Dirty Shirley Head and 1x12 Cab.

    Nice. Miss my Shirley. Should have never sold her.
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    Sold Strymon Blue Sky $210 Shipped

    Why didn’t I see this before. Great deal!