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    Wilco - Ode To Joy

    Best album since Summerteeth. Saw them last week in Utrecht. Love their music & love Ode to Joy.
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    Compu Bias is no more ...

    Hi TGP, I am looking for a Compu-Bias operations manual. Can you please help me out? Thanks!
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    Help ... looking for a new knob

    hi , A litlle follow up. Since my first post I have gotten in contact with John from Basic Audio, who has been very willing to help me out. But shipping 1 knop to Europe will cost $40, so I thought it was better to cool down on my OCD and leave the pedal as it is. Another possibility...
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    Saw the movie today here at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Audience loved it!
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    Help ... looking for a new knob

    B904A23D-83EF-4B79-92BD-F2D2984D619C by ModelT posted Jan 25, 2019 at 10:43 PM Hi guys, the knob of my fuzz mutant broke; can you help me finding a new one? Thanks!
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    Best clean tone you've ever heard?

    Amp: fender dual professional
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    Johnny Smith tuning method

    Hi, Guitar Player Magazine once published a small article about the way Johnny Smith tuned his guitar. As I remember by using harmonics, open strings and fretted notes all over the fretboard. I like to revisit this interesting method. Does anyone know in which issue of GP this article...