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    EV Evolve 30m - big noob question

    You connect a mixer into channel 5/6.
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    Using a venue's sound guy & PA at a gig vs using your own - pros and cons

    You don't have a clue to what it takes to be a band soundman.
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    EV evolve 50

    I posted earlier in this thread about using the evolve 50s at a guest ranch gig. We just finished our last one for the year this week. The speakers performed really well. We used it outside on a deck 3 times and had plenty of volume. The other dozen times we were inside. We have another ranch...
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    Do you play live because it's a fun pastime, or because you want to make money?

    Both, I love to play and have been doing it for over 40 years. My band gets paid well, this last week I played 3 gigs that payed almost as much as my day job.
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    "nobody uses real amps anymore" says the sound guy

    Back in the 80s you were probably playing clubs with stages. Now days seams like most bands doing bar gigs are set up on the floor in a corner.
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    How to know which Behringer active PA speakers can be paired with which of their subs?

    The watts don't mean anything. You need to look at the maximum spl. That being said I don't for a minute think that the $250.00 DR112dsp can can come anywhere close to 134db.
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    Behringer Pmp2000d

    On the sweetwater site it says the maximum SPL is 96 dbs The EVs that you had would have been at least twice as loud. I edited my post because the maximum dbs on sweetwater seamed way to low. Behringer says 96db sensitivity.
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    New QSC K2 firmware - protect mode 4

    10db is twice as loud not 7. Sweetwater has 2 DZR10 in stock. DZR10 lists for about $1200.00. The QSC is about $750.00.
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    New QSC K2 firmware - protect mode 4

    The DZR cost about 50% more On paper better specs also
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    How to get more low end from kick drum in live setup?

    Does the zoom have a 31 band or parametric EQ on the main output? If it doesn't time to buy a real digital mixer and leave the toy one for rehearsal.
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    How to get more low end from kick drum in live setup?

    Without knowing what speakers you are using no one can offer any real help.
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    Cheap Trick: In Color or Heaven Tonight

    I just looked up their discography and didn't realize they had so many albums. Besides the first thee being discussed in this thread I also like "All shook up" and "Lap of luxury" Good songs on both albums.
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    Need tips for quickly setting up PA

    Well it does explain which one of us takes their bands sound seriously. :)
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