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    Monitoring and Mixing When I've Got No Studio Room

    It's a great idea if you live alone, but it sounds like someone else is usually watching the TV. You could buy a camper or a shed and soundproof it. I actually mix in a glorified storeroom (that has been made soundproof). Or put a TV in the kid's room?
  2. Motterpaul

    How to memorize every maj/min triad notes?

    To me, triads are easier on guitar because they all look the same despite whatever key you are in - not the same on Piano. The same with scales. I honestly don't understand how people can say it is easier on keyboards. But I have played a lot more guitar in my life than keys (although I do also...
  3. Motterpaul

    Joey at 13

    I never saw this before, but man, for 13 y.o.
  4. Motterpaul

    Guitar Grace Notes

    aka "slides" or "hammer-ons?"
  5. Motterpaul

    How to memorize every maj/min triad notes?

    Wow - long answers for such a simple question... I can see every note name when I look at the fretboard, and when I speak to other players I say the names of the notes. BUT - when I am playing my mind is really seeing intervals - not note names. Forex: When I play in B-Major, I might think...
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    Tutorial on using delay

    Simply put, I use different loops in my pedalboard where each sound I use (clean, chunky rhythm, and overdriven lead) has a different set of pedals. I only turn on MY delay during my lead solos because it is a common sound for lead solos. Therefore I set up my delay pedal (in front of the amp)...
  7. Motterpaul

    in the key of.....

    Hmmm, I don't think we've ever talked about this before! The thing about SHA is that the songs like it's in D, but the three chords are D Major C Major G major If you pick D as the tonal center you probably hear D-mixo, but the G chord is played twice as long. But the song starts & ends on D...
  8. Motterpaul

    Finding and Using 6ths with Robben Ford - A great little lesson!

    I just want to point out that although he says "major scale" when he counts up to the 6, he is actually playing the G-Mixo mode, not the major scale (just in case someone doesn't realize there is a difference). IOW he is using the b7 for the key of G (the F-natural). You can also play 6ths in...
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    Should I buy this?

    It is just 2 humbuckers and two controls so it should be very easy to modify. I see it on eBay for $359, so even used it still fetches close to the new price so it's not like you are losing a ton of money the second it leaves the store. Also, not a lot of other pink sparkle guitar options out...
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    Dispelling TGP Myths About Gear Yotube

    Pete, I do think you do quality reviews, but at first, I was a little taken aback with your "I won't review any product I don't like" stance, but your follow-up post made sense, that there are too many good products out there to waste time on the ones you don't like. So, I will just point out...
  11. Motterpaul

    Dispelling TGP Myths About Gear Yotube

    Full disclosure, I could only read up to page 20 before posting this. It's been 2 hours already. Honestly, I do not watch many YouTube gear reviews. Why? 1) The end-user has to have a decent playback system. How many of us listen to YouTube over studio monitors. I know I do, but do most...
  12. Motterpaul

    Dispelling TGP Myths About Gear Yotube

    Obviously, there is a large range of professionalism in terms of how YouTube videos are recorded. My point was that operator error (as opposed to the YouTube format) is often a problem with YouTube gear reviews, especially of the amateur type.
  13. Motterpaul

    Was pitch correcting vocals possible in the 80s using samplers?

    Yeah - the "auto snap" feature in Melodyne does not work at all to my ear. I tune every note (that I tune) by ear, not according to the grid. However, I often find they all land in about the same relationship to the grid, just not the same place as the auto snap recommended. However, I also...
  14. Motterpaul

    Anybody See The Musical Guest on Kimmel Last Night???

    The people who book musical acts on TV variety shows (SNL anyone?) seem to gravitate towards this gimmick stuff. It isn't much different than Andy Kaufman or Super Dave for Comedy. IOW: I don't generally watch TV to drive my taste in music.
  15. Motterpaul

    Dispelling TGP Myths About Gear Yotube

    IN general, as an experienced reviewer, I think this is a little naive. Of course, there is no open agreement to collude, that would ruin them if it became public, but there is a very heavy undercurrent of "do not screw up a good thing" between reviewers, driven by the people who sell the...
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