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    AX8 vs AxeFX 2 vs FM3 vs AxeFX 3

    Great comparison. I closed my eyes and I couldn't hear any noticeable difference. When I got my Axfx II, I said I have everything I need to sound good, now the only thing I need to concern myself with is my playing and I haven't heard anything yet from the newer generation of AxFx's to convince...
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    Squirrel comes back in spades in Helix 2.81 (Tweed Nrm)? LOL

    I hear them. It's most evident on low gain settings with the amps over driven a little. It's an almost radio static like fizz that just sits behind the decaying notes kind of in the back ground. Once you hear it, you can't unhear it. I recall hearing this back on the AxFx Ultras and...
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    Tweaking vs playing time?

    Only 10 responses so I was interested to see if people really spend a good amount of their "normal play time" tweaking. I was guessing most would be 15 minutes or less, but yeah, the initial build of presets does take some time, still for me it's much less that play time on the device over all...
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    Tweaking vs playing time?

    Say you have a typical hour to sit down and play guitar. How much of that time is spent tweaking your set up? Since I'm asking this in the digital modeling section I'm going to ask specifically about the modelers you use. Once I get a preset built to how I like it, I'm rarely touching any...
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    AITR via Modler and PA Speakers… YES!

    I have Altos as well. I have one with my AxII and one for my AA3. I do not miss any thing about an amp in the room. I never got what all the AITR fuss was about, once I found an IR that I was happy with I was thrilled with the sound in the room. I also have a Bogner Shiva and 2x12 cab to...
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    If i don't like the helix, will i also dislike the Atomic Amplifire?

    If you don't like grilled chicken does it mean that you won't like fried chicken? Maybe you don't like chicken.
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    Atomic sounds better than ever, believe the hype

    Sounds great, I'm a huge Kornfield fan. It's what I use for 90% of my playing with the Atomic. It's very touch sensitive and really versatile from a dirty clean to a hard rock screaming leads.
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    How can it be so massively different ?

    I've had wildly varying luck with any downloaded presents or trying to match patches to get the same tone as the author. So much can vary depending on your gear and even playing style. Watch or analyze the patch and learn to use their tips and tweaks in their preset to be able to integrate...
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    If you haven't played your modeler through a GUITAR cab; do yourself a favor. Water isn't wet.

    I think earlier modelers benefited a ton from going through a tube power amp and guitar cab. I know with the AxFx Standard I had back in the day, this was the best way to run it. The problem is that you haven't gained much except some more tone flavors at your disposal and even those are...
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    HX Stomp v Atomic Amplifire 6?

    If you like Marshall tones like I do, you can't go wrong with an Atomic. I have the AA3 and an AxFx. Honestly, it's amazing the tones you can get in this little box. It's like taking a mini version of my AxFx. I'm a traditional Marshall tones guy with some reverb and delay and the AA3 is...
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    My God! Gilmour’s Black Strat to be Auctioned

    David was binge watching some Marie Kondo this new year. He's only keeping the guitars that "Spark Joy".
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    Traded my Mark V 25 for an Axe FX 2 today. WOW!

    I had a Mark IV. Could never get a consistent tone from it. It sounded just ok. Had to mess constantly with settings, changing one thing seemingly threw everything else off. Eventually ended up with my Bogner. Best amp I've ever had. It rarely gets turned on these days since I've had my AxII.
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    Let's talk US Masters guitars.

    I read that some of the ones in the later part of the line were later outsourced overseas. The US made ones seem well put together. The neck joint is certainly unique, I'd think it be hard to outsource the necks and bodies based on that alone.
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    Let's talk US Masters guitars.

    95% is maybe high, but I have played a few Suhrs and they are fantastic. Tone wise my main one is right there, I think the playability is probably more along the lines of a very good American strat, not quite on Surh level there. I’d take these over any production level American strat for sure...