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    Got these free cheap stuff from my neighbour !

    Drum machine is cool. I used to use one of those at a friends house when we jammed. I liked it. I'm sure modern ones sound more realistic, but this had it own sound.
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    New Clapton and Morrison together recording! Nice!!!

    "Lay Down Sally", now there's an anthem for all the rebels out there.
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    New Clapton and Morrison together recording! Nice!!!

    Asks the guy who sings "Wonderful Tonight ".
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    Urban Cowboy Soundtrack

    Loved the movie, loved the soundtrack, and continue to love Debra Winger.
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    Thinking about buying a 1973 Fender Twin Reverb - Am I high?

    Wouldn't do it. Not a MV fan on silverface amps. Had both. My main practise amp for years was a 1970 TR, was great, but if I could do it again I wouldn't hesitate and I'd go with a Tone Master, if you want something that big.
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    Could someone explain the used pedal market in Japan?

    If you're anywhere near Philadelphia, someone has had a Boss LM-2 on Craigslist for a while at $60. I'd buy it but I don't know what in the world I'd do with it.
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    What the heck is up with high action??

    I like the neck as straight as possible, and the strings as low as possible. I used to think I was committing some sort of heresy, but when I read that's the way Tommy Emmanuel sets up his guitars, I felt kind of vindicated.
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    Awful song, pedestrian solo, overestimated musician.
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    Teles: Where to go from a Baja...

    I sold a Baja right before all the price inflation came about. Wish I had waited, but I just didn't play it. Could have made some more money. I loved the neck girth, but from E to E it just wasn't wide enough. I kept pulling the high E off the edge of the fretboard. I much prefer the...
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    What was the WORST CONCERT you attended??

    Late 1970's, Javits Auditorium in Princeton NJ. The Doobie Brothers were a last minute replacement for Heart, who I had gotten tickets for. The Doobies were so incredibly boring that my friend fell asleep, and I had to walk around to keep from dozing off. Still bummed about this one...
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    Ray Davies appreciation

    Love RD and the Kinks. I'm all in on the early English stuff and the concept RCA albums, but I loose the thread when they sign to Asylum Records and start with the more arena rock stuff. So unique, such a great songwriter.
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    I Have An Odd Affinity for Danny Kirwan's Music

    I just got over a jag where I was listening to "Sunny Side of Heaven" about 5 times a day for a week. I've always loved that song.
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    Your earliest musical memories

    Christmas music. Loved those old sampler albums from Woolworth's with people like Johnny Mathis and Dina Shore and Robert Goulet. My favorite was A Henry Mancini Christmas. I've just always loved Christmas music, both secular and religious.
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    Don't care what anybody says; the little guy in the red hat can farkin' play

    First time I've seen this. I thought it was great. I'm not a follower of Prince's music, but he brought it big time, he was just being Prince. I'm guessing Eric and George would both love it.