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    Guitar shop employee made me nervous yesterday

    Ooof that would make me nervous too.
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    Epiphone Jerry Cantrell troubles. 850 dollar guitar. Not my video.

    The Epiphone frets are bad. I bought an "inspired by Gibson" es 339 last year. Unplayable after a setup due to completely unlevelled frets. They were also very small for what was supposed to be medium Jumbo. The nut was also not cut at all....just installed. Over the first fret was way way too...
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    Fender American and Gibson USA: how many of you have BOTH?

    I have 1 MIA strat and no Gibson's. I have owned 3 Gibson's. An LP classic plus mid-90's, a studio model DC, and an SG standard. I had problems with all of these in Different ways although they all did the job. I am more than happy with my Epi and Firefly Gibson ripoffs at this point. My...
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    Gibson price increase

    It's not just guitars guys. I am filling up a new rack with some studio gear(just cheap stuff....golden age...etc). The USED prices today are higher than the NEW prices were 6 months ago. New prices are 35 percent higher. I am kicking my own ass for waiting another 6 months to put the rack...
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    Is there software for creating custom in ear monitor mixes for each band member, instead of using a hardware mixer?

    This would be my solution as well. Did the Mac and Interface thing for a while at shows for custom monitor mixes until the computer crashed once and would not boot back up. Bricked the whole show. I don't recommend that. Mac's don't crash. Yeah right!!!! Get one of these new digital mixers...
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    Rank the most significant contributors to your guitar tone..

    The amp/speaker/mic makes the tone followed closely by the pickups in the guitar. Wood doesn't matter. Scale length doesn't matter, fret material, neck shape.....etc. Technique??? Sure but that doesn't contribute so much to your tone as to your sound....if that makes any sense. The sound...
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    If you had to be in a tribute band, what would your top band choices be?

    Pumpkins. Those songs are super fun to play.
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    How are YOU recording guitars direct?

    Did you try the demo of the NDSP plugin??? I would start there and see if it leaves you wanting. Generally, direct into the interface and using plugins is the easiest. The direct input on the M4 I have is actually quite good, so I think it should work fine.
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    Anyone Use Toontrack EZBass?

    if you have your own bass and you are happy with your own playing there isn't much reason to get it, IMO. It robs a bit of the fun, but it does the job pretty well if you have no other options.
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    Audio interface / monitors refresh - would it be worthwhile?

    If the ones you have still work and the drivers function on windows 11 then I would just hook them up and get cooking. To get that many inputs at a noticably better quality is gonna cost more than it would be worth, IMO.
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    Heard a clip of my FOH sound, meh.

    Try gigging as a bassist!!! I got an all tube bass rig....heavy as hell and amazing sounding(early 80s mesa d180). Nearly every venue forced me to run a DI direct from the guitar to FOH and just use my amp as a stage monitor. That is a 150 pound stage monitor I just hauled up there. If I ever...
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    Heard a clip of my FOH sound, meh.

    Those amp stands changed my once I realized that I could use a 20-25 watt 1x12 combo on a stand and actually hear myself BETTER than when I had the 100 watt and 4x12....mind blowing and started my search for smaller and smaller amplification.
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    Heard a clip of my FOH sound, meh.

    I have always made a square in masking tape so the guy knows where to point the mic. If he doesn't put it there I can move it there in about 3 seconds. It makes such a big difference. I hate when they just come up and put it directly in the middle of the cone. That is the worst sounding spot...
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    Audio interface / monitors refresh - would it be worthwhile?

    How old are those??? It seems like to me the DAC and general quality of newer interfaces....even cheap ones, is significantly better than what was available 10 years ago. Will it make a huge difference in your recordings??? Perhaps not. The other consideration is driver support. If that stuff...
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