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    ZZ Top: Have they ever had other musicians onstage with them?

    Hate to break it, but Dusty passed away. Dead at 72.
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    Is Gibson Getting out of Hand? Slash record content

    I just saw this in my Microsoft Edge newsfeed and I came here straight away for the ensuing **** show. Looks like I won't be disappointed. I don't personally care one way or another. Guitar-based rock is a niche...kind of like Jazz or Bluegrass now. Good luck to Gibson on the new label and if...
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    Well, it's not a conventional set of Strat pickups. He uses Dimarzio Cruisers in the neck and bridge and the stock middle pickup that came with his Strat in middle. Not sure on the other stuff
  4. Thornbucker Bridge

    Thornbucker Bridge

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    Sold Manlius Broadcaster Pickup Set

    Manlius Broadcaster pickup set with white string on the bridge and chrome cover on the neck $100 for the pair to include shipping & PayPal A3 magnets 7.6k neck 11.3k bridge RWRP for hum cancelling in middle position
  8. Manlius Broadcaster

    Manlius Broadcaster

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    Personality or Music?

    This is where I land. I gigged semi-pro with a lighter load...maybe 10-12 gigs a year...for about 10 years in the late 2000s to 2017. Mostly it was covers but I did some original work. I'm 51 and at this point, I'm not sure what I'd play anyway, or to whom I'd play. It feels like variety cover...
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    Simple PAs for Vocal Mixes?

    Yeah that's sounds about right. I can start there and if it doesn't work, then we do more with it.
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    Simple PAs for Vocal Mixes?

    I'm setting up a rehearsal room for low volume practices and jams. About 16x16 spacing. We'll use some amps (maybe modelers) at lower volumes, electric drums, and 2-3 vox. I may only need 4 inputs to the PA/Mixer. I'm thinking a simple PA head with a few decent but simple speakers. Monitors...