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    Albums that sound best LOUD

    Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
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    What Makes This Song Great : Whole Lotta Love

    I'm not sure his evaluation changed anything for rock music aficionados, but if you're a casual listener there was some really interesting stuff. The drums, the bass, just how good Plant was, the theremin and recording tricks, doubled voice track, panning guitar and reverb opposite, all eye...
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    Is TGP the most active online guitar forum/community?

    Harmony Central used to be huge, but I don't know about now.
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    Kevin Shields celebrates the Fender Jazzmaster

    Dude is great, deceptively influential.
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    Dean Guitars - Quality or Lack Of (my Rant)

    I've had two Deans, a korean 79v and a czech Evo. The V was well made, sounded good, played awesome. The Evo was outstanding top to bottom but too heavy to be perfect.
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    Your top 5 Prince songs?

    Let's Go Crazy Kiss When Doves Cry 1999 Darling Nikki
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    What’s some of your favorite 80’s Pop Guitar playing?

    Two bands I forgot to mention earlier are Huey Lewis and the News and Night Ranger. I heard I Wanna New Drug on the radio today and it turned on a light. Songs like Don't Tell Me You Love Me can always be playing imho.
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    What’s some of your favorite 80’s Pop Guitar playing?

    I'm gonna omit all the awesome hair metal because that is about my fave genre. Bowie's "Let's Dance" record with Nile Rodgers is a fave.
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    What was the best 'surprise' concert you've been to:

    Two come to me mind. First, went to see Metallica/GnR in Seattle. The original opener cancelled so Motorhead took the spot. Loud, fast, awesome. Second, Staind opening for Korn. I took my younger bro, his first show, because he was a korn fan. Staind was outstanding.
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    Hardcore Honky Tonk - give us your best one-two punch

    Maybe not the right genre, but this says honky tonk to me. Side note, Exene Cervenka and Los Straitjackets cover this and it's awesome, maybe better.
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    Looking for a super strat

    Ibanez RG 550 is the go to. Not too spendy, decent stock pickups, killer floyd style bridge, shred thin neck.
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    5 songs to learn to become better.

    Stray Cat Strut -Stray Cats. Classic rockabilly with some deceptively clever choices. Wind Cries Mary - Hendrix. Both notes and delivery force you to concentrate Curse of Castle Dragon - Paul Gilbert. Mix of shred, patterns, and right/left hand cohesion. Crazy Train - Ozzy. The fills and solo...
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    First Garage Band Hit?

    Dude, you can listen to that recording and not imagine them in a garage with a 4-track? Even though they were in a "proper studio" they didn't use it like one.

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