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    Free-Way 10 Position Switch on American Standard

    It's not obvious how. I doubt that it can be done with that switch because it would mess up the serial/parallel switching - a common tone pot would tie the hot output wires together and prevent serial connection. Seems to be limited to either master tone, or dedicate-tone-to-specific-pickup...
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    Dave Murray's '57 Strat

    Funnily enough I had exactly the same (false?) memory, but internet is only showing me photos of a conventional slug/screw today (maybe DP-103 - which didn't exist in 1984), so I dunno? I've got the 15kΩ 7H dual hex pickup in there now, and I do think it's better at LAD neck tone than the 8.3kΩ...
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    Dave Murray's '57 Strat

    One year. One $#!^&||\|@ year. In dribs and drabs over this year: Put Donlis Ivory Hex Pole Piece Ceramic humbuckers along with Donlis chrome rings in the old Strat copy. Really well made pickups, look and sound the part. Tonerider Pure Vintage bridge in the middle (A5/A3 combo)...
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    Two guitars with the same materials - sound different

    At this distance I'd tend to think most of the difference belongs to the neck (for an interminable list of reasons). Many threads here about tone following the neck. My single experience, bright guitar / dark guitar, swapped the necks, tone goes with the neck. Interesting. Paul Gilbert has...
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    Why vintage pickups are generally (considered) better?

    Rhetorical question - why does the solid body electric guitar even exist? True. Completely disagree on so many levels, pickup microphony is a niche interest, like moustache grooming or fixed gear bicycles. "Complex" is not a synonym for "preferable", particularly in context of electric...
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    Why vintage pickups are generally (considered) better?

    Picking up only on "most people" - strongly disagree microphonic pickups are beneficial for the majority - there's an excellent reason that nearly all pickups are potted these days. Back when unpotted pickups were common, you had to keep your double boiler handy. I'll echo the other poster...
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    High Output Humbuckers Alnico V vs Ceramic?

    Well it's a question of taste. I personally don't agree, but you might. Amongst other effects, putting a big lump of ferromagnetic alloy (AlNiCo magnet) next to a coil raises the inductance, moving the resonant frequency of the pickup down. The conductive alloy also provides a medium for eddy...
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    Weird tone pot problem

    Glad you worked it out. Mod #4 was attaching the series/parallel switching to a volume pot, not a tone pot, so it need a little massaging to work with a tone pot, couldn't be copied exactly as was. Anyway, all ends well.
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    NGD - Ibanez Premium AZ226PB

    Yes, similar thought when first saw AZ - Ibanez rotated out some of their older designs and freshened them up a little. I think I understand the implication in the OP. If so, when I saw those guitars I thought they were influenced by early '80s Ibanez, rightly or wrongly. Edit: Not that it's...
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    Weird tone pot problem

    Sounds like both ends of the track are grounded, and capacitor is connected to wiper. Thus highest resistance presented to capacitor is when the wiper is at middle of the track (125kΩ at middle given 500kΩ pot (250kΩ||250kΩ)). Is one track lug touching something it shouldn't? (Braid...
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    2021 Fenders leak

    Must be getting old - Fender's releases this year are more interesting to me than Ibanez' - I don't understand what's happening.
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    Onboard preamp question...

    You could trawl through datasheets, but just copying EMG would be tempting to me, LM4250 is available in DIP, 0.6mW in National's example differential circuit.
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    Onboard preamp question...

    Electrosmash has the circuit - EMG81 Pickup Analysis. Pretty easy to whip up on veroboard, if you are modifying components anyway. Are you really after differential - with one coil hanging off inverting, other coil hanging off non-inverting? Or would simple onboard buffer do?
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    Pickup Wiring Help Needed

    Nice one! That trick with the coil junctions - neat when someone goes off-script with standard components and comes up with something interesting. Me either, never really bother with them now, only use auto-tap to match adjacent single coil H-S-H / H-S-S. Also generally like to have...