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    Sold Kemper Stage

    Any interest in trades? I have a 2020 Gibson ES-339
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    BF Bassman speaker opinions

    I went with the Warehouse g10C in 70 watt. Could not be happier.
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    BF Bassman speaker opinions

    I need 10 inch ideas... I will check out the Warehouse.
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    BF Bassman speaker opinions

    I have a SilverFace Bassman that I Blackafaced and am putting in a JD Newell 2 10 combo cab. What speakers!!!!??? Webers? Golds? Greenbacks? Gold/ Greenback combo? Will be used with a tele and OD pedals.
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    Clapton with Dumble

    I have seen EC quite a few times (I foolishly skipped this tour). In the videos I am seeing he is playing with more gusto than I have seen since the 95' tour (which was ahhhh mazing). I saw him a few times in between and aside from REALLY bad tone he was very lackluster in both song choice and...
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    What is this PAF?

    I don't know anything about non Fender items. I got this in a box of parts. From my limited research it seems like a circa 1990 PAF Reissue. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Microphonic Vintage Pickups

    Thanks Don. BTW, your pickups sound incredible.
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    Microphonic Vintage Pickups

    Okay. I took another stab at foam. I used some old monitor iso pads. The foam was considerably more dense. I put in enough to raise the pickup a tad and then took out just a tiny bit. So it rests against it firmly but doesn't raise the pickup (bridge). I cut the foam to fit the cavity exactly...
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