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Recent content by mustangman

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    become a fan

  2. M

    become a fan

    please :beer http://www.facebook.com/pages/Staten-Island-NY/Abstract-Studios/111793492262
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    Where can I buy these KNOBS?

    whats the item code?
  4. M

    The "pedal guts pics" thread

    its looks crazy, tape, tube, and analog delay.
  5. M

    The "pedal guts pics" thread

    yes more about the echo box
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    NAMM '09; Sonuus G2M Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter

    you wont fry your board either way, the midi just wont go through. but anyway, i'm pretty sure he has the foot controlled version. so the Sonuus has a midi out on it, so you would go midi out from the Sonuus into the midi in on the Roland. midi sort of works just like hooking up guitar pedals...
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    NAMM '09; Sonuus G2M Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter

    yes you would be able to plug it in to the Roland and get the patches with any guitar, i have a friend that recently tried this. and in order to go into garageband on a Mac, you would need a Midi interface of some sort.
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo [Part Deuce]

    its probably DIY, thats very easy to make!
  9. M

    Anyone do biz with OLP Circuits?

    is this for the pedals or the kits, cause i plan on ordering a kit soon.
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo [Part Deuce]

    it figures you had one :rolleyes:
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    Upcoming EHX pedals... (incl. Memory Boy)

    is the memory boy a reissue?
  12. M

    NAMM 2009 - Effects

    i would love that one!