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    Gustavsson Futuremaster. NGM

    LOL. I just happened to stumble across this old thread. In answer to your question....I absolutely still have the Futuremaster. I still have all of the JG's I've managed to acquire over the years. They will be the last guitars on the shelf when all the others have moved on. To date, my...
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    Sold Johan Gustavsson Futuremaster - EX+ condition

    The coil taps are amazing on these if mine is any indication. A session guy from Nashville tried mine Thurs and was blown away ( Chris, touring with Logan Mize). Fantastic price for an extraordinary instrument. Good luck with the sale. I wouldn't part with mine, lol.
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    Jbl vrx

    Thanks for the info guys. The vrx are off the table. Everything I read confirms what has been said here. Am now looking into db or rcf scaleable arrays. Leaning towards db 3 way t4 or t8 with s20 or s30 subs. Can be ground stacked or on poles or flown. Any experience and or opinions??
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    Jbl vrx

    Bbrunskill. Thank you for the really clear analysis. I am rethinking things. I started looking into the Danleys last night. They look to be at least 50% more than the vrx which are almost twice the etx gear. Not sure we are willing to drop20-30k right now. I wanted powered boxes as well and I...
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    Jbl vrx

    Thanks guys. In what way can't the vrx be controlled? They do have shading controls on the box. I realize they are not true LA. Jbl even markets them as constant curve rather than LA. I love the etx stuff but was concerned that they wouldn't have the throw necessary for proper coverage...
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    Jbl vrx

    anyone have experience with the jbl vrx932lap? Going to start to market stage, audio, light service and need to upgrade from etx gear ( which I happen to really like). Don't want the initial expense of full on line array gear yet but want to provide better than the usual full range on a stick...
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    Sold J.Rockett Archer

    I'll take it. PM me your PayPal address and I'll execute pmt. Not sure if it's what I'm looking for either but interested to try it out. Used to have a real Klon but turned it over when I wasn't using it. Using a totally different rig now and want a transparent boost for solos with a little...
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    Gustavsson bolt-neck guitars

    Lol. You are correct; there are plenty of good non-boutiques. Johan's guitars aren't "good". They are another order of magnitude. I own 5 of his and 2 of his designs for PBG. I always thought I prefered set necks and humbuckings. My Fullerblaster is probably my most used instrument. Of course...
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    Price check needed - PBG Gustavsson Bluesmaster Special w/P90s

    I own both the p90 and HB versions. Both have BIG necks, esp the p90. Neither has any Q issues whatever. Fantastic, lightweight, effortless playability and great tone in a minimalist JG design. No, they don't compare to his handmade instruments but I take them places I won't bring the "real...
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    JG Fullerblaster

    What pickups are in the top one? Woods, etc? I thought I was done lusting after JGs with the Dotmaster and RW neck Fullerblaster but the notion of a strat-like FB, especially one that looks like THAT, has me going again, lol. Congrats.
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    Enough volume with Redplate CDS2 loud band ?

    I used my CDS 2 last night in a 30,000sf venue. Full band running through a significant PA. In order to keep stage volume manageable, the amp was set at 3 on the input and 2 on the master and I kept thinking that I was too loud onstage. And that was set up right next to our drummer ; ) The...
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    Subwoofer. Help me choose.

    I've had a zxa1 sub for about a year and usually pair it with the matching zxa1 tops for softer, smaller venues. Amazing low end within its design limits ( as has been pointed out). However, I was more impressed when I got stuck and had to use it with a larger system for a loud rock band. Not...
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    My new custom pickguard for my newest guitar build

    I love unique pickguards and that is just killer slick. Simple, elegant and visually kinetic. Way cool.
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    "he's at it again!" michael stevens korina kontent!

    Matte, you never cease to amaze me with the extraordinary number of extraordinary guitars that have been in your possession, lol. These are stunning. Can you compare these sonically to Johann's Dot since they seem to have the same choice of woods? Happy Holidays to you and yours.
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    Gustavsson Bluesmaster

    I had considered getting a cedar creek case for my two BMasters but after giving it some thought realized that the gorgeous case just screams "expensive guitar inside". I regularly gig with mine and like the fact that the Hiscox cases run totally under the radar and provide hefty protection. I...
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