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    Friedman users... how close can the Runt 20 with a boost get to the JJ Jr?

    All - I totally love the Runt, but I have to use a Buxom Boost to get me to the tone I have in my head. It's just about there. How close does that get to the JJ jr? Ideally, sometimes I want a bit more saturation. I have the chance to get a JJ Jr, but if the Runt 20 gets close enough to it...
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    Post your purple guitars

    balaguer vega
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    WORST experience selling a guitar?

    I was selling a guitar and met a guy at a local store. He took off the truss rod cover and tweaked a few things and then passed. When I asked him to put the truss rod cover back, he got all pissed off and yelled at me in the store saying I was entitled. Riiiight. last year, I sold a guitar that...
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    One Really Awesome Expensive Guitar Or A Crap Ton Of $$$Cheap Good Guitars?

    I have a few nice ones and some cheap beaters... I have fun with them all. I got this Tagima 530 last week for $100... it's killer...
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    How important is unplugged electric tone to you?

    I was messing around with three different guitars tonight. All different price points... the Prs cu22 (around $2400 or so) was the most resonant... almost like a piano. Next, $100 beater sounded great as well. My number 1 came in last as far as acoustic resonance. It’s a $1000 guitar that...
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    Halo guitars? Balaguer guitars?

    I discovered Balaguer a few years ago... long story short, my wife and I had twins born 2 months early and our hospital bills were through the roof. i had to sell my Suhrs and Music Man's to pay off the bills. I decided to take a chance on BG to hold me over until I could afford another Suhr...
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    Today’s $100 score!

    correct. China I think.
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    Today’s $100 score!

    The person selling the guitar actually had that same exact model in surf green. It was surprisingly heavier than this one but it looks super killer
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    Today’s $100 score!

    Happy new guitar day. This guitar came up in my Facebook marketplace feed selling for $120. They normally sell for about 190 or so. I offer the guy 100 bucks and he accepted. Turns out he lives about a mile away and I actually know his wife because they own a store front downtown. Anyway, I...
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    Ibanez indo QC

    I have owned five different AZ models. Some of which were made in Indonesia. I have zero issues with any of them. Made incredibly well.
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    The Maury Music thread

    What was maury’s side?
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    Hardtail with Steel Frets for USD$2000 (ish)?

    Balaguer. Hands down. There is a virtual builder on the website so you can get an idea of the build when it’s done.