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  1. NashSG

    Time to leave Pro Tools. What would be a good replacement?

    I'm really liking Harrison Mix Bus. I added a good delay and a reverb and I really need nothing else for mixing. I like Acid for doing the bendy edit recording type stuff.
  2. NashSG

    Walking bass line resources

    Look up some videos on Youtube by a guy named Bob DeBoo.
  3. NashSG

    Garage Rock or Punk Players What is a great set up for this type of music

    I'd say the common punk/alt rock club stuff stuff you would see back in the late 80s early 90s - if you had the money or cobbled it together you had a Marshall 1/2 stack. That was actually pretty rare. You would see more people that had old funky Crate, Peavey or Fender combos with Boss...
  4. NashSG

    Are You A Fan Of The Replacements?

    I guess Mars now has 5 records. Some stuff to check out I guess...been probably since 2000 that I have heard them anyway.
  5. NashSG

    Are You A Fan Of The Replacements?

    I also saw Bash & Pop (one of Tommy's bands) do a show. They were ok but nothing astounding. They are kinda hard to find now and I wish I still had the CDs, but Chris Mars two solo records are surprisingly pretty good especially the first one. I remember liking the first one quite a bit.
  6. NashSG

    Are You A Fan Of The Replacements?

    Don't know if they have it online, but there is an interesting look into the Replacements general dysfunction in a semi-recent interview with Matt Wallace in Tape Op about recording "Don't Tell a Soul". Love the records but like many artists, I'm sure glad I did not have to deal with them. Saw...
  7. NashSG

    What cab is better to get, a Mesa or a Marshall?

    Got curious and went out and priced some cabs as Marshall 4x12s used to be pretty cheap. Yikes...what the heck happened to the used prices on Marshall 4x12 cabs? I think legal weed must be raising the prices on some of these things on Reverb, because some of them are high as heck.
  8. NashSG

    Anyone superglued a cut finger for a gig?

    I filled in the hole in a fingertip after losing a callous on my fretting ring finger. It worked as I could not play at all without it on that finger. The glue felt weird and I was glad to get it picked back off a couple day after the gig.
  9. NashSG

    Roland XP-50

    Beware of the red goo. It might be the reason it is dirt cheap.
  10. NashSG

    Shouldn’t a $1500 guitar come with at least a gigbag?

    $1500 bucks will put you towards a really good parts guitar even if you hire someone to put it together.
  11. NashSG

    Happy Birthday! Sco just got 70!

    This cut I came across a couple weeks ago is also really good. That ascending lick that Scofield pulls off at 5.08 is really cool. The runs right after the Tele starts to squeel starting about 6.20 are killer too.
  12. NashSG

    Happy Birthday! Sco just got 70!

    These tunes with the DR big band are also really killer. The DR big band also did a great gig with Jack Bruce that is worth checking out too. They are fantastic.
  13. NashSG

    Happy Birthday! Sco just got 70!

    Yeah, I have been following some of those Scary Goldings/Pockets recordings too. This is the trio that Scofield has had with Goulding that has done a fair amount of gigs over the past few years. (Although they have done other combinations including the collaboration with DeJohnette doing the...
  14. NashSG

    Mesa Boogie vs Fender Question

    Fender and Mesa both make pretty darn good stuff. There might be some specific models that have some quirks, but in general they are usually of solid to excellent quality. You will find boodles of Fender 'hot rod' amps being used on back lines all around the world. Those and the...
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