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Recent content by nashvillesteve

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    What pedal produce true vibrato/pitch modulation?

    I have pitch-shifting vibrato on my MojoVibe and Deluxe Memory Man.
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    Which Octavia...

    I like my KR Doubler clone. It has a good sound with the gain set lower and plays OK when stacking with my other fuzz pedals (McFuzz Hot, Hellbilly & Huckleberry). There are a bunch of good octavia pedals out there, though.
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    Best Octave/Octave Fuzz

    I've got a KR Doubler and an E-H POG. They are very different and both sound great.
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    Phaser Question

    I really like the Deluxe Moon Phaser and also my old Maestro PS-1 Phase Shifter ("Who's That Lady" sound)...
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    Did Eric Clapton ACTUALLY use pedals with John Mayall and Cream?

    Not tweed fenders, a couple of cranked vibro-champs.
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    Another "Which Teese Wah For me" thread!

    I really like my WoF wah. It's definitely different-sounding. I still have my half-janky 70s thomas organ crybaby w/ a fasel inductor that doesn't sound quite perfect, maybe it just needs adjusting (red TDK inductor model w/ fasel swapped in). I don't use them much, but it has a great huge...
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    I have a Deluxe Memory Man Question!

    Maybe I haven't had problems with my DMM's sound quality because I have always had a Hotcake in boost or buffer/bypass mode in front of it... Interesting. However, the vibrato/chorus potentiometer is broken, I might try to find a replacement or just have my tech disable it from the circuit (I...
  8. N

    anyone know a place that can put together a custom "patchbay" type thing?

    Check out the patch bay units from WOBO. http://www.woboge.com I have some custom work and a stock unit from them, they are great and can do most anything you need custom if the stock units aren't just what you need.
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    What pedal can transform my guitar sound into ... keys or strings or synths?

    POG, ebow, HR-2, dmm, phasers, those things all help in crafting the weirdness. volume swells, too.
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    Is there a delay out there that can sound like a Binson Echorec?

    I lost an ebay auction last year for a Binson Echorec 2 and wound up buying a 50's Klemt Echolette tape delay (way less tension on tape than echoplex), but I haven't gotten around to restoring it with my tech fully just yet... we got it working some, it's pretty cool! Looks like this: (click...
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    Mojo Vibe into Huckleberry problem

    "Internally switched FET buffer pre-amp Switched with a miniature DIP switch, you can choose the warm vintage input configuration or a modern fet buffered input for a brighter sound. This differs in that most vibe makers switch a simple resistor in and out for the two different styles, but it...
  12. N

    cheap hendrix octavia's?

    kr doubler was only $156 or so new, probably pretty reasonable used. sounds awesome, too.