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    If ZZ Top didn't change things up and do Eliminator, how would their career continued..

    Everyone on TGP loves their old albums.. but if they if they had kept on in the same groove as El loco, how would things have gone for their career? I love ZZ, pre and post Eliminator...
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    YES "Love Will Find A Way"

    That's great! Looks like they're enjoying themselves and they sound amazing.
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    YES "Love Will Find A Way"

    I think my LEAST favourite song on 90125 is Owner of a Lonely Heart. I just can't stand that song. The last 2 songs are great as well.
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    What bands do you regret not seeing?

    2 come to mind immediately... Van Halen - I could have seen them on the 1984 tour, but I was 14 or something, and it was a school night! When Hagar came along, I mostly lost interest at the time, (I didn't even buy the Van Hagar albums, but I listen to them these days) but now I wish I'd...
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    YES "Love Will Find A Way"

    Different album. Changes is on 90125, this tune is on Big Generator.
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    YES "Love Will Find A Way"

    Ah ok. Rabin is a genius; great tone.
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    YES "Love Will Find A Way"

    I always assumed it was some old harmonizer effect that Rabin also used on Owner of a Lonely Heart.
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    Really Really Really good albums that were followed up by an absolute STINKER ?

    Not a bad day at all, but that tune is a lot more a dance song than anything on the LP is a prog tune. ;)
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    Really Really Really good albums that were followed up by an absolute STINKER ?

    True. Coverdale and Kalodner were going super mainstream.
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    Ozzy interviewed on Letterman the same week Randy died.

    This video is old, but I just saw it today. He seems to be in shock.. I know Randy's death upset him for a long time..
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    Anyone else hear the cell phone ‘ding’ in Comfortably Numb?

    Michael Kamen did the orchestral arrangement; there could be anything in there. Lee Ritenour played some acoustic guitars in the song? That puzzles me more. There doesn't seem to be anything in the song that DG couldn't do.
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    Broke my finger, can't play. Am sad.

    I broke my left ring finger, metacarpal about 6 or 7 years ago. The break was right in the middle of my left palm. It healed in 3 or 4 weeks, but my fingers splay a bit more than they used to.. I have a hard time getting them close together when I play above the 12th fret, but it's not too bad.
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    If you could own anything that the band members of Rush once owned, what would it be?

    AFAIK, Alex & Geddy are married to the same women since the 70s.