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    Sold Eventide H9 Max

    Excellent condition. Home studio use only. One tiny scratch on the top above the screen (see photos). Screen still has the plastic cover. Original owner and recent purchase. Selling to free up $ for another purchase. Original box and all box candy included. Power supply etc. I love Eventide and...
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    Sold Mythos Oracle Analog Delay

    Mythos Oracle Analog Delay Like new. Home use only. No trades. Thanks! $OLD
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    Sold KingTone The Duellist 2022

    Like new. I bought this the week after Christmas and just had the chance to demo it in the studio. Here are the updates to the unit from the website: The new options include an amp-like setting, this gives you an open, tube-amp style tone. The SRV Mod adds attack and dynamics to the classic TS...
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    Sold Strymon Timeline & MultiSwitch

    Strymon Timeline. No Box or Power Supply. The MultiSwitch is brand new and has never been used or opened. Comes with TRS Cable. I've tried to document scratches on the bottom and sides from pedalboard use in the studio. Works perfectly. $OLD
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    Sold Mythos Wildwood Edition Mjolnir

    Great sounding unit. Received new October 2021. Never used it. Putting together $ for a guitar. $300 Shipped
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    Sold Snouse BlackBox Overdrive 2 PRO MOD

    Build date: June 11th 2020. I've never really used it and am looking for some new/old guitar $. These things do sound really great, with a ton of flexibility. Especially nice with old Fenders. Thanks. $OLD
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