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    Are there possible guitar effects that are not invented yet ?

    since this thread has been revived, I'd like to reiterate my general request to the universe for a downward falling saw filter pedal for guitar. or just a saw filter where 'down' is one of the settings. there is something close-ish on the Line-6 Liqua-Flange, but it sounds terrible. I've used...
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    Just give it to me straight - what is the finest Reverb pedal out there?

    For a glowing, vast, ethereally all-encompassing reverb for guitar I recommend the Alexander SpaceXpander. Here's a used one on Reverb! Use the Plate setting. I don't know how to explain it, but it's the greatest.
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    My Bloody Valentine Reverse Reverb On A Budget?

    in a word, no. it's a completely different effect. you can do very fun things with it! but it's a separate thing.
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    My Bloody Valentine Reverse Reverb On A Budget?

    I recommend the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Max for the single best reverse reverb in a simple pedal. The Cathedral is great too, but not quite as versatile. I wouldn't recommend the Loomer as highly, the decay is just too short. A lot of people will recommend the Digitech RE-7, but that really...
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    What's Your Current Wah Pedal?

    all-time favorite - DeArmond Weeper: smoothest, liquid sound, great with distortion & modulation current wah - Hiwatt Custom Wah: crazy Q control, solid bypass, so shiny!
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    How does the Boss DD-20 hold up today?

    Just my $.02, the DD-20 is great. It's a very well-designed, great sounding pedal. I don't think you should so easily blow off the DD-8, because it seems to have a lot of the functionality of the DD-20 in a smaller package, but will be more $$ for the immediate future. I have the DD-500, but I...
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    Winter Namm 2020 wish list

    sure, I agree with the person who already suggested one of these in the new 200 series enclosure. I'd probably buy one.
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    Winter Namm 2020 wish list

    folks, whatever it is you are wishing for, please stop requesting digital Boss Waza pedals! they have very explicitly stated that they are not going to make digital Wazas.
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    Winter Namm 2020 wish list

    what you describe sounds pretty much just like the FatRat
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    Am I the only one who won't buy a used pedal with velcro on the back?

    i mean, with the most minimal effort it's gone in under a minute. way, way low on my list of things to look out for when buying pedals. but also in my case it just saves me from adding the velcro myself. unless it's one of those insane people who put the wrong side on the pedal. those people...
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    I need help looking for a new flanger...

    seems like few of these suggestions are actually in your stated price range. I have a BF-2 that I definitely don't experience anything like a volume spike with - so it's possible that a better BF-2 would be a solution. but if not, some cheap flangers I have enjoyed are: Guyatone FL-3 - I can't...
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    PSA DOD Meatbox Back in stock 99.95 out the door free 2 day shipping

    famously poorly! they're great that way. had an original, but it died. have a reissue, love it. but certainly not for its tracking!
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    I like PHISH now!

    oh man i wasn't going to comment in this thread, but, yeah that Harry Hood is just amazing. I was at that show, on the whole probably the best rock show I've ever seen. that jam.... ..... ...... . ... .... it's the best.
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    New JHS Colour Box V2!

    v.1 can definitely run at both 9v and 18v as well
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